Facebook Messages from Non Friends

Facebook Messages from Non Friends

Non friends are those whom one may not know as a person but are friends on Facebook site. There are also non friends whom one can send messages even if he or she is not Facebook friends. The messages can be sent through chats on Facebook or can also be posted on the wall if allowed.

Read here for some of facebook messages for non friends with sample.

1). Wishing you a day which is bright and beautiful like you. May all your dreams come true. Good morning friends.

3). Wake up and thank for each day. Make a difference to people around you. Work hard and Chase your dreams. Have a good day.

3). Morning Greetings to you. May you begin your day with smile and happiness. Hope you have a perfect day.

4). Wish you a great day with a smile and prayer. Keep smiling always.Good Morning and have a successful day.

5). What is in store for you each morning is not known, so pray to God and wake up with positive energy. Good morning and have a nice day.

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