Baby Shower Messages for Boy

Baby Shower Messages for Boy

Best Baby shower wishes for boy are sent to expecting parents for the coming of a baby boy. The baby shower wishes are sent to the parents through text messages, cards or through social networking sites. Child birth is exciting and a beautiful moment for parents. The birth of a baby boy is even more beautiful as the parents get an heir to their family lineage. Let us see sample of baby shower messages sent in different ways:

Baby Shower Invitation Messages for Boy

Baby shower invitation wishes for boy are sent to friends, family and loved ones to invite them to the baby shower as the parents prepare to welcome their baby boy into their family. The invitation can be sent on beautiful cards and also through video clips to the invitees. One can also upload the invitation for the baby shower for boy through social networking sites inviting all friends and family.

“I invite you all for the baby shower occasion held to welcome our dear boy into the family. I would appreciate your presence and would be highly grateful through your blessings and wishes on the baby shower day.”

Baby Shower Cake Message for Boy

Baby shower cakes are beautiful cakes meant for the expecting parents. The cake can be a two tier or a three tier large cake meant for the father, mother and the expecting child. Many guests bring cakes, both purchased and homemade in different flavors and write beautiful messages and wishes on the cake for the joyful parents. The special baby shower cake would make the parents feel more special and loved.

“On your baby shower day, may the day be as sweet and beautiful as this lovely cake and may the sweet flavor of the cake fill your life with much love and happiness. Have a happy baby shower day.”

Baby Shower Congratulations Messages for Boy

Baby shower congratulations wishes are sent to the parents as they gear up for welcoming the new family member. The congratulatory wishes can be sent on beautiful cards for the parents to be along with blessings and wishes for the soon to be arriving new born baby.

“congratulations for a beautiful baby shower day. As you take the first step of welcoming the new bundle of joy into your lives, may your life be filled with cherishing moments of joy and happiness forever. Have a happy baby shower day.”

Funny Baby Shower Messages for Boy

Funny baby shower wishes for boy are sent to the expecting mother and the father as they prepare for the special occasion of birth of a lovely boy. The funny baby shower wishes are humorous and are sent through cards with a funny character drawn with the wishes. One can also send funny video clips with wishes to the expecting parents. The funny wishes are meant to bring smile on the faces of the parents.

“I heard the proud parents are welcoming a baby boy. Well, lots of good luck for the naughtier version of you and may he give you mischief moments. Have a happy baby shower.”

Miscellaneous baby shower messages for boy

“May God shower you with love and luck as you await eagerly the welcome of a beautiful baby boy into your lives. Have a happy baby shower day.”

“Many congratulations on your baby shower day. May the welcome of the baby boy be much special and a moment to cherish for your life.”

“For sweet boy, I send happy baby shower wishes especially for you with gifts. I welcome you to our family with love and hope you bring lots of happiness in all our lives.”

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