Baby Shower Cake Message for Boy

Baby Shower Cake Message for Boy

Baby shower cakes are beautiful cakes meant for the expecting parents. The cake can be a two tier or a three tier large cake meant for the father, mother and the expecting child. Many guests bring cakes, both purchased and homemade in different flavors and write beautiful messages and wishes on the cake for the joyful parents. The special baby shower cake would make the parents feel more special and loved.

Samples of sweet baby shower cake messages for boy to send in different ways:

1). Dear baby boy, I have sent you a beautiful chocolate baby shower cake for the auspicious occasion so that you enjoy something sweet on the beautiful day.

2). Sweet baby boy, heartiest wishes for the baby shower event held especially for you. I hope you like the taste and the look of the beautiful cake I sent for you.

3). Dearest baby boy, I hope you will love the beautiful vanilla and chocolate baby shower cake I made especially for you. I also send my love and good wishes for the occasion.

4). Lovely baby boy, heartfelt wishes with love for the wonderful baby shower occasion. I hope you will love the cake I made for you with sweets and chocolate chips.

5). Dear baby boy, I have made the special baked chocolate cake for you with extra toppings of cream just like you love it. I hope you like it and I also send lovely wishes for the baby shower event.

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