I like you Message to a Boy

I like you Message to a Boy

When you send I like you message to a boy that means you really have a special corner in your heart for him. It is a message that brings out your emotion to him and presents your feeling in a nice way. If you have feeling for a special one, this message is what that gives you word to open up your heart. You can add your personal thoughts too, as to make it interesting.

I like you Message to a Boyfriend:

Sharing a very loving relationship with your boyfriend gives you the feeling of completeness. Paint down this thought through the words by sending a romantic I like you message and expresses your heart. The words of the message make your boyfriend feel special to you.

“When you are around, the very thought covers my heart is a sense of being together. I can feel peace when you hug me; when you hold my hand, I can feel the trust; I want to spend the rest of the life with you. ”

Funny I like you Message to a Boy:

Make the environment cheering as well as make the relationship with your boyfriend sweeter with a funny I like you message. Share the moments of fun through the words and bring smiles to your loved one’s face. Cheer the joy of love with a romantic message.

“If fall in love with you, gives me such joy, I want to fall thousand times in love with you; it is the heavenly experience you give me on earth by sharing your smile and joy. I like you so much and want you for the rest of my life.”

Here a nice collection of I like you message samples to a boy is essayed below:

“I want you in pain, I want you in smile. I want you to support me, I want you to scold me and when I do something nice, I want you to praise me; I like you and love you so much.”

“I don’t know I love you or not; but when you are with me; everything seems more than perfect. I miss you when you are far away; if it means I love you, so I am in love with you. Be with me always.”

“It is true, we are friend forever, but there is much more on my part; being with you makes me happy and staying away from you makes me worried; it is not just a friendship, but more than that. I like you.”

“Even doing silly thing gets its meaning when I am with you; even a simple joke becomes funnier if you are around; you can turn even the bad things into good with your presence. I like you a lot.”

“Whatever the life will be, I want to be with you; if it is smiling, we cheer loud together and if it is painful, we hug each other. Happiness makes us feel good, but sadness brings us closer to each other.”

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