I like you Message to a Guy

I like you Message to a Guy

I like you message expresses your love and fondness to a special person in your life and if it is for a guy, then this message presents your feeling for him. Through the beautiful expression and gesture, you can bring out your thoughts to him, or you can add your personal memories as well to make her feel special to you. The words of the message present a sense of being together always. Express your thought in a cute and sweet way.

Here a sweet collection of I like you message samples to a guy is presented below:

1). The relationship we share is a friendship, but for me it is much more than that. I like you and like your every dream and I want to be with you always and forever to give you a company.

2). We fight and we argue, but we care and we share. Keep this bonding same forever as it makes us for each other and makes a sweet story of ours. The path of life is long, so be together always.

3). I cannot express my feelings to you through words, but without you, I am nothing; together with you gives me a meaning to live, so be with me always. I like you very much.

4). Being with you makes me smile; sharing emotion with you gives me the joy of life. The smile you have is the reason of life, so keep smiling always and I like you so much.

5). It makes me happy when I am with you. It makes me sensed that someone is always there for me to whom I can share my joy and pain. I can leave the worry behind when you are with me and give me a hug. I like you.

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