I like you Message for Her

I like you Message for Her

Let your emotion out of your heart to make your girlfriend feel special to you. If your expression does not meet words verbally, send a sweet and cute love message to her and tell her how much you love her. A message can melt down any hurt feelings and bring the back the breeze of love in your life again. Add your personal thoughts and emotion to make it special for her.

Below a nice and sweet collection of I like you message samples for her is presented:

1). My heart is full of love for you and you are the reason of my life. You are an angel who gives me dreams for the future. But without you, I cannot fulfill it. Be mine and make the dream true. Love you.

2). I want you for my life and no one else. To hate and to like; to fight and to love, it is you, I want to be with. I may not express my love, but I always love you for the rest of my life.

3). It is wrong if I say I like you as I love you more than I like you; expressing my heart is tough as I have no words to show my love; but I have lots of feelings to give you and want to share what I have.

4). I want to steal your pain, and give my smiles instead; I want to take your worry and gift my happiest moments to you; I want to take away from all the dark shades of color as I like you from my heart.

5). Let’s paint our canvas of life together, some colors I give, some you and one day we together make it colorful; we add our experiences to make it beautiful; once it completes, we feel the life together.

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