I like you Message for Him

I like you Message for Him

Sometimes, expressing your wishes and thoughts to your loved one becomes tough. There are many untold emotions you have that you would like to present to your boyfriend in a very nice and romantic way. If you are away from him or if you are missing him, you can send a I like you message expressing your all emotion to him. Bring back the old memories through words and live the past again with a romantic and a cute message.

Here a beautiful collection of I like you message samples for him is presented:

1). Sharing the journey of life with you makes it romantic and loving; the bonding I share with you is love and I like it to remain the same for the rest of my life. Be with me always and forever.

2). When you hug me, I can leave my worries behind. When you take me in your arms, I feel the sense of love. You make my life worth living and promise you never let me alone, even not for a while.

3). I don’t know it is love or it is like. But whatever it is, I want to sense it with you; be it pain or smile, I want to stay by your side. It is my dream that you can make it true and make me happy.

4). Whenever you are around, I feel the smile rise in my lips; when you go away, it disappears with you; you steal my smile, or rather my heart; I don’t want it back; keep it with you and look after it with your love.

5). “Don’t count my feelings with the rose petals to know I love you or not; ask me once and you will get the answer that I love you till my last breath of my life; will you share your heart with me.

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