Funny I like you Message

Funny I like you Messages

Funny I like you message brings happiness and smiles in everyone’s life. If you are going through not-so-good time in your relationship, you need to take help from this funny like you message that melts down each issue and brings the old sweetness back again in your life. For others, it is just a message, but for the lovers it is a magic that makes the mood romantic and spread the love in the air.

Here a romantic and funny collection of I like you message samples is presented below:

1). In my life, just one fall gave me smile, instead of pain, is when I have fallen in love with you; but after that each fall brings a sweet note as your love turn all worst the best for my life. Love you.

1). I can do everything for you, just don’t ask for the moon and the sun; with you, I can go anywhere, in dark and in light; I love you very much and place me in your heart always and forever. I like you.

1). For living the life, I don’t need much; for shelter, your heart is there; for life, your smile is there; these are enough for me only when you give me the key of your heart. I love you so much.

1). All lovers are employed; do you know how? The job of lovers is love, the company is the name of the love; the salary is the smile of the love so I am employed for you of being in love with you.

1). No matter if you put on your weight; even then I take you up in my arms; it is true; I may feel pain, but your love will shade everything; I love you always and want to share my life with you.

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