I Like You Messages

I Like You Messages

I like you message tells your crush that you really want him/her. Like is the first step when people gradually developing interest to a person and your flirty and sweet messages makes that person feel special to you. The feelings you share with your special one come from your heart and it makes an easy way to approach further. Express your true emotions through your words and let the magic of your message spreads everywhere. If you are searching for the romantic messages for your special one that sweetly convey your words, we give you a collection of I like you message sample.

I like you Message to a Guy

Express your feelings to your special one that you like him in a very romantic way. Your words express your true emotion to him and it also makes him delighted. Let your feelings flow in words and send a sweet I like you message to your guy.

“There is a trick that you can play; close your eyes and imagine your special one’ face. If it’s me, then I like you and if not, I still like you. Words are mine and choice is yours, but I always like you no matter where you go.”

I like you Message to a Boy

If you have some special feelings to a boy, then never hide and express your feeling to him. A sweet message is enough to say you like him without gifts and any expenses. Send a sweet quote to your loved and give him a lovely feeling.

“If you have time, then share your smile with me, if you are in sorrow, then give me your pain because I like you with my heart. Your smile is something that I always crave for. ”

I like you Message for Her

Send your loved one, a romantic I like you message that makes her realize how precious she is for you. Your sweet love quote in words explains everything on behalf of you. Send a sweet text message to be with her always.

“With saying I like you, it creates stories, some are painful and some give glory, but my story of I Like You is always warm and full of love as I have a person like you.”

I like you Message for Him

Write I like you message for your special one opens up your heart through your message. The message conveys your thoughts to him and romantic text expresses your feeling genuine. I like you message for him just bring your wish to stay with him.

“Loving you is not my fault, because you are so nice and genuine that I cannot stop myself from failing love with you. Always stay as you are and it’s this simplicity that takes my heart away.”

I like you Friend Message

Send a funny and sweet text to your friend to say that you like and express your feeling to have a friend like him/her. Write your words with your emotions and let your friend know that you really care for him/her. Send a like you message make your bonding stronger.

“I like your humor, I like your presence, it is for you, I feel the meaning of friends. Sharing and caring make my life wonderful and above all, I want to say, I like you.”

Funny I like you Message

Send funny like you message to your friends and family and brings smile on the face. It is a sweet way to be with them and make them happy and cheerful. Write I like you message to all of your belonging with whom you share a special connection.

“A bye can make you cry, a joke can make you laugh, care gives you the feeling of special and when I say I like you, it gives you the feeling of love.”

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