Friendship Day Messages for Unknown Girl and Boy – First Messages

Friendship Day Messages for Unknown Girl and Boy - First Messages Wishes

Friendship Day is not just about celebrating your old bonds of friendship but also about staring new ones. First Sunday of August is surely a very lucky day to make new friends. So if you have been wanting to become friends with some unknown boy or girl then send the first message to impress girl or boy on WhatsApp and Facebook that will have you win her or his friendship.

We bring beautiful propose message for unknown girl for Friendship Day 2023. With these amazing Friendship Day messages, you can start a new friendship easy and quick.

First Message to Unknown Girl and Boy on Friendship Day

1. I want to make this Friendship Day special for you and me by starting a new journey with you, by winning friendship with you…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day to you and I hope that we celebrate this day with joy for many more years to come.

2. We may not know each other but today is the day when we can start to know each other by taking the first step towards our friendship….. Would love to be your friend and promise to be a good friend to you….. Best wishes on Friendship Day to you.

3. You must be having lots of friends but there is no harm in having a new one….. On the occasion of Friendship Day, I wish you all the happiness and smiles in this world because you are a beautiful soul.

4. Friendship Day is a celebration of friendship….. We may be unknown to each other today but I am sure that very soon we will know each other and we will become friends…. May you have a wonderful day full of enjoyment with your friends.

Friendship Request Messages for Boy and Girl

5. I have been thinking since long to request to become my friend but I have been hesitant all this while and today on Friendship Day, I feel it is the best time to express that I really like you and would love to be friends with you…. Happy Friendship Day.

6. I am sending best wishes to the most beautiful girl on Friendship Day and I am asking her with all my heart to become friends with me…. I promise that I will make the best friend and will never disappoint you.

7. The most beautiful relationship in this world is friendship….. It is the start of every new relationship and that’s why I want to become friends with you, to start a new association…. Best wishes on Friendship Day to you.

8. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day my dear….. Today you don’t know me but today we can start a new friendship to start a new journey of knowing each other and to become friends for life. Have a wonderful day ahead!!!

Happy Friendship Day Messages for Boy

9. You are truly a wonderful person and I would love to know you more….. On the special occasion of Friendship Day, I would present to you my request to become friends and I am very hopeful that a boy like you will definitely accept it.

10. I am looking for a good friend and every day when I see you in the class, I want to shake hands with you and begin this relationship….. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day with a thought of starting this association today.

11. I am sure you have lots of friends who love you and I wish that you have a rocking Friendship Day…. I would love my name added to your list and spend the next Friendship Day with you in a wonderful way.

12. You are always in search of a true friend and your eyes are constantly looking for someone who can be your real friend…. I see a beautiful soul in you and that’s why I want to wish you a very Happy Friendship Day.

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