Baby Shower Messages to My Daughter

Daughter Baby Shower Messages

Daughters are special for parents and an expecting daughter is taken much care and loved more by the parents. As such, parents send lovely baby shower wishes for the daughter to brighten up her special day as she prepares to welcome the newborn. The baby shower wishes for the daughter can be sent through text messages, cards or through social networking sites. The parents can upload a beautiful photograph of the expecting daughter on the social networking site and send a message with that.

Let us see samples of cute baby shower messages for daughter sent in different ways:

Funny Baby Shower Message to Daughter

Funny baby shower wishes are sent to the daughter to make her feel happy and bring a smile to her lips. The funny wishes can be sent on a card with a funny character drawn with the wishes. One can also create a funny video for the daughter and send it to her. The funny wishes from her dear parents would make her feel much happier on her special day than she ever was.

“You were a darling mischief. Turns out your child too would give mischief moments. Be prepared for it. Have a lovely baby shower day daughter.”

Sweet Baby Shower Message to Daughter

Sweet baby shower wishes are lovely and beautiful and are sent to make the daughter feel much loved. The sweet wishes can be sent with a beautiful gift to the daughter. It would not only make her day special but also she will enjoy her day much more knowing she mean the world to her parents.

“For my dearest daughter, happy baby shower wishes for you. I send my love and blessings for the baby though I won’t be able to attend the day due to urgency.”

Baby Shower Favors Messages to Daughter

The baby shower favor wishes to daughter include thanking the daughter for being there at the baby shower occasion. The wishes are given with tokens of love and gifts for the daughter as she took out precious time to be there at the occasion of the baby shower.

“Dearest daughter, with love and thank you wishes I send you this baby shower favor greetings for being there at the special occasion. I send you love and favor wishes with this card and a beautiful token of love.”

Baby Shower Blessing Messages for Daughter

Baby shower blessing wishes are blessings sent to the daughter on her baby shower day. Often many parents can’t come to the baby shower occasion due to distance issues or any other personal issue. As such they send their love and blessings to their daughter in different ways through text messages, beautiful cards or also create a blessing video for the daughter and send it to her. The daughter feels much loved and special on receiving the blessings of her parents.

“Daughter, as we could not be there near you, we send all our blessings and love through this beautiful card and extend our best wishes on your baby shower and for years to come. Have a beautiful baby shower day darling.”

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