New Home Congratulations Messages for Boss


If your boss buys a new home, then you should wish him/her with a congratulation message and share the happiness. Your message can make the relationship with your boss softer, so you need to draft it very well. The message can be formal in the sense as it is for your boss, but if you want, you can add your personal experience as well. The words of the message congratulate your boss for this new home and it wishes lots of happiness for the future.

Here a nice collection of new home congratulation message samples for boss is presented below:

1). I would like to wish you congratulation for your new home; the love and happiness always stay with you and your family and you spend the rest of the life together and sharing emotions in this house. Congratulation.

2). Living the ages in own home with the family is a dream of everyone and you are on your way to fulfill it. I wish you congratulation for this new achievement and live the life together with your family. Be happy and write a new chapter of your life.

3). Congratulation for your new home, you enjoy the each bit of life with your family and make many loving stories as the treasure of your memory. Share pain and smile with each other under a roof and celebrate the happiness of life together.

4). The home, which is made of your love and emotion, but it is still incomplete as it needs many loving days of you and your family. I wish the love and smile last forever in your life. I wish you congratulation for your new home.

5). Make yourself stress free in the loving ambience of your home. Leave your headache behind and enjoy games with your family. Listen to it, you home says something very special to you every day. Congratulation.

6). Paint lots of colors and make your home colorful with the hues of your emotion. Home is a shelter, but it is your place where you can be your own. I wish happiness forever in your life and congratulation.

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