Anniversary Messages for Parents

Anniversary text Messages for Parents

Anniversary messages for your parents show your love and happiness to them. Express your true feeling through the words and it will be a loving gift for them on their anniversary. Present all the sweet memories in your message and take them back into the land surrounded by the beautiful memories. They also enjoy while reading your message. Your words open up all your emotions and your feelings. You can send your message with gifts or flowers to celebrate this day. If you are searching for the best ideas, here we give you a good collection of anniversary message samples for parents that definitely touch their heart.

Anniversary Messages for Parents in Law

When it is your parent in laws anniversary, then add your love to their happiness with a sweet message. Your words of love make them happy and give your best wishes to them through your message. Your text expresses emotion to have them as parents in law.

“You both are the perfect example of true love couple because the ups and downs are there in life, but you together make your way smooth with your love. The family you made with your heart and I am lucky to be a part of the family. To both of you, happy anniversary.”

Anniversary Messages for Parents in Heaven

Love for parents is always same even though they are in heaven. On the parents’ anniversary, children miss their parents very much and they write a loving text to their parents to remember all those special memories that they spent as a complete family.

“You both may stay in peace in heaven, but here I miss you a lot. The day is special to me because it is the day when you both became together. It is from you, I know the meaning of love, care and trust. You both will always stay in my mind. Happy anniversary.”

50th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

If it is your parents 50th anniversary, it calls for a big celebration because it is the celebration of a loving bonding. If you want to give a sweet gift to your parents on this special day, then write a loving text message expressing your emotion to them.

“God gave me sweet gifts as my mom and dad who both live for love and nothing else. You share your happiness together and in sad, water rolling down of your eyes. 50 years of your journey has seen many successes and losses, but you never let each other alone in any emotion. Happy anniversary.”

25th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

Give a beautiful surprise to your parents on their 25th wedding anniversary by sending a sweet message to them. Your words express your emotion and love to them. The message also contains the best wishes and your feeling of having such lovely parents,

“The message is for the great couple in the world, who both made a sweet family with love, trust and happiness. I would like to thank God for giving me parents like them who beseech me only their love and affection. It is your 25th anniversary, still you both are young in love. Happy Anniversary”

40th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

Celebrate 40th wedding anniversary of your parents with a beautiful and loving quotation of love. Send a beautiful message to your parents and make them feel special on this day. Express your love and emotions to them with a loving message.

“To my mom and dad, I wish you a happy anniversary. From my childhood till now, everything has changed around me, but one thing the time cannot touch is your love for each other. Thank to both of you to make my world beautiful.”

30th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

Our Parents make our life wonderful and on their anniversary, a sweet message from us gives them a great joy. If it is your parents’ 30th wedding anniversary, then explore all the memories of the past to live the life again through your message. A message of your love tells everything of your mind.

“Though it is your 30th anniversary, but you together are same as you were 30 years before. Your togetherness makes me believe in love and trust. You face any situation holding each other hand and I feel great to have such loving parents.”

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