25th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

25th Wedding Anniversary Messages for Parents

Every child wants to give a surprise to the parents on their anniversary and if it is your parents’ 25th anniversary, then it definitely calls for a big celebration. You can wish your parents with a loving anniversary message that expresses their journey through words in a very romantic way. An anniversary message presents your emotion to your parents and it brings back some loveliest moments of the past. Here a nice collection of 25th wedding anniversary message for parents is essayed.

A list of 25th wedding anniversary message sample for parents is given below:

1). 25 years ago on that date you both became one to two and since then, you together made a happy family with your love and joy; you teach me the meaning of love and happiness in sharing. You smile together and cry together and you enjoy in whatever you have; you both crossed 25 years and still you have long years to go.

2). The journey of 25 years mixed with joy and pain, ups and downs, but nothing is bigger than your love for each other that makes everything easier. Look back the past days, you can enjoy the moments of your love today. Your canvas of life is colorful, but it has many spaces that are waiting to capture your future journey. Happy anniversary to mom and dad.

3). Success and loss come and go, but the love you share always exist in your heart the same as it was 25 years ago. Taking care in pain and sharing smiles, you have spent the 25 years of life together, but the album of your life says there are lots of moments are yet to enjoy. Happy anniversary.

4). Celebrating your union for 25 years always make me believe in love. You together make our family complete with your love and whatever you have, you share each other. Sharing joy, happiness and pain for 25 years make your journey easier and hurdles smoother. Be happy always and forever.

5). Two persons can be a couple, but to make a perfect couple, it needs sacrifices, love each other always, sharing emotion and caring in the lows. You are the perfect loving couple, who enjoy all shades of colors, be it happiness or sorrow together for the 25 years. You are the inspiration for all. Happy anniversary to mom and dad.

6). Dear parents, I wish you happy 25th wedding anniversary. I send lovely gifts for you both to celebrate the occasion with much love.

7). Sending hearty 25th wedding anniversary wishes for my parents with love. I am much happy with the deep love you share and look forward to celebrating with you soon.

8). Through this text, I wish my parents a happy 25th wedding anniversary celebration. I hope you celebrate in a grand way with friends and loved ones.

9). Wishing my parents a happy 25th wedding anniversary through this text. I wish your love for each other grows more with time and be an example of deep relationship you share.

10). This text carries happy 25th wedding anniversary wishes to my lovely parents. I look forward to the grand celebration you have in the evening and would bring your both special gifts.

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