Anniversary Messages for Parents in Heaven

Anniversary Messages for Parents in Heaven

On the date of your parents anniversary is always special for every child and an anniversary message for your parents in heaven wish them a happy anniversary and express your thoughts and wishes from the core of your heart. The message tells about your feeling and brings those moments alive again. The word of the message is nothing but your prayer for them that wherever they are, they are happy and together. Here a collection of anniversary message for parents in heaven is given for you.

A list of nice anniversary message samples for parents in heaven is presented below:

1). It is the day when you two became one soul and it is the day, when you both started a journey of love. You both taught me how to be generous and how sacrifices bring happiness. You both may go far away from me, but your love always stays in my heart. Happy anniversary.

2). Today I miss you both, your presence, your smile and all. It is the day of your love and togetherness. God brought you close to each other and you together made a sweet family with your love. You both had protected us from the dark and gave advice for the bright future. Hope heaven holds both of you in your heart and you are at peace. Happy anniversary.

3). You together have shared one soul, you both have enjoyed one journey, your life is the inspiration to all and today I miss you both. The way you both taught me always makes me happy. It is true today, you are not with me, but no one can ever wipe you out from my heart. Happy anniversary message.

4). The love you shared with each other is immortal; you both hold always a special place in my heart; I learned loving, sharing and caring from you both; it is you who make my life beautiful. Your love made me believe in love and there will be no one like Mom and Dad. Happy anniversary.

5). I love you mom and dad. The day reminds me of your togetherness and the day reminds me all the past memories that we have shared. I am happy to have you both as my parents and those days I always take care. Happy anniversary.

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