Amazing Forgiveness Messages to Your Loved One

forgiveness messages to a loved one

Apologizing and asking for forgiveness is not easy but it always makes you a more confident person as it gives you a change to repair the damage done by your actions…. It is a way to restore the relationship which is now broken. Just by saying sorry, you can take an initiative to save your association and can do wonders for you.

Given below is a collection of 10 most amazing forgiveness messages. Use these wonderful forgiveness quotes to send across to your loved ones, whom you have hurt without any such intension.

1. I know that just by saying sorry, I will not be able to wash away all the pain I gave you…. I will not be able to restore the damage I did to our relationship… But I ask for your forgiveness with a promise that I will never ever hurt you again. I am extremely sorry. Please forgive me.

2. With the kind of damage I did to us, I have understood that sometimes sorry is not enough… sometimes you have to make extra efforts to change for good. And I assure you with all my heart that I will change so that I don’t have to apologize but for one last time forgive me!!

3. I understand that I have made you cry, I have hurt your feelings, I have put you in trouble but trust me I never intended to do so… My intension was just to make you happy. I request you to please forgive me for what I did as I never meant to hurt you. I am sorry my dear.

4. We all know that it takes immense strength to say sorry but it takes a much stronger heart and person to forgive. I sincerely apologize for my actions, for hurting you… Please forgive me because I cannot afford to lose a friend like you. Please accept my apology.

5. When I found out that you cried because of me, trust me I was hurt more than you because I can never intend to hurt the most important person in my life. You know you are the best but you don’t know how sorry I am for my actions. Please forgive me, the first and the last time!!

6. The hardest thing is to say the five letter word SORRY but the most beautiful thing is to accept and acknowledge this word. I hope that you are kind enough to accept my sincere apologies as I promise to never do such a thing again. I am very sorry.

7. Dear friend, I am sending my heartfelt apologies to you in this message…. It is now up to you to accept it or to reject it… But I promise one thing that I will keep sending you my apologies until and unless you accept it because I am sorry from the deepest of my heart. Forgive me dear.

8. I know that just by saying sorry I can never revive our relationship, I can never make things like before…. But I promise that one day, I will make everything fine… I will regain your trust and your love as I am stupid to have lost it all. I am sorry… please forgive me!!!

9. There is just one thing that I want from you… to accept my apologies because they come from the deepest regrets I have for my actions. With the purest of my feelings, I want to tell you that I will never ever disappoint you again. Extremely sorry for everything.

10. Our relationship is very important to me and I can never afford to lose it. I send you my sincere apologies for all the wrong I did. I am very sorry and I promise that I will never do such a thing. I request you to please accept my apologies and forgive me for once.

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