Mothers Day Messages for a Friend

Mothers day messages for a friend

For a friend who has given birth to a child and become a mother, the mother’s day wishes can be sent to make her feel more special. The wishes can be sent through text messages. A fried would be much happy to receive greetings and blessings for the motherly bonding from her other friends. It shows that the friends also cherish the special bonding she has with her new born baby. One can also send gifts for the friend who has become a mother.

Following are samples of mother’s day messages for a friend sent through texts:

1). Dear friend, happy mother’s day wishes for you. I also send gifts for you and your baby and hope the special bonding between you both brig unbounded happiness forever.

2). For my friend, happy mother’s day wishes with love. I hope you and your new born daughter create sweet special moments of her growing up with time and make you her most loved person.

3). This text carries happy mother’s day wishes for you. A motherly relationship is one of the closest and best precious one and I hope you and your child share the bond with love and affection.

4). Through this text, I would like to wish my friend a happy mother’s day. Much love on the birth of your first born and let this bonding between you both be happiness filled forever.

5). Happy mother’s day wishes for you my friend. Your new born son would give you endless joys and love and the bonding would definitely be special as he grows with time.

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