Mother’s Day Message for Grandmother Who Passed Away

Mother's Day Message for Grandmother Who Passed Away

Mother’s Day celebrates maternal bond and motherhood. Other than mothers, there are various other associations in our life that are as warm and as pure as the one which we share with our mother. After mother, our grandmother is the most important motherly figure in our life that is always very close to us. Mother’s Day is also the day to wish your grandmother who has passed away. Remember her love and send her heartfelt wishes on Mother’s Day which will fall on 8th May in the year 2016.

Given below is the latest collection of the best Happy Mother’s Day 2016 wishes sample text messages which you can use in memory of your dearest grandmother who is no more with you. These beautiful quotes and heartfelt messages bring out the hidden feelings in the most touching manner.

1). Dear Grandma, you have always gone beyond to take care of us, to make us feel comfortable and to love us. Your absence has left a void in my heart. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I wish you were here.

2). I am sending you beautiful wishes on Mother’s Day 2016. I pray to God to take care of you just the way you always loved me, protected me and pampered me. Happy Mother’s Day granny.

3). You have been the most amazing grandmother on the planet. You have been the sweetest woman who nurtured me with love and affection. Happy Mother’s Day granny and I miss you a lot.

4). I know you are not with us anymore but I am sure that my Mother’s Day wishes are going to reach you. You have been the most wonderful grandmother and you are badly missed. Happy Mother’s Day.

5). No matter how old I get, I will always miss your love and care. No one has ever pampered me and loved me the way you did. Wishing you a warm and Happy Mother’s Day grandmother.

6). Dear granny, you were my first and last best friend. You always loved me like a mother, cared for me like a friend and protected me like a father. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day. Miss you.

7). When you were around, everyday was special as you made me feel so important and loved. Now when you are not here, everything seems to have changed. Happy Mother’s Day 2016.

8). One woman who has always been the sweetest and the cutest is my cute old granny. I miss you love and care. I miss you every day. Sending warm wishes on Mother’s Day to my dearest granny.

9). When I opened my eyes, you held me in your arms protecting me from the world. I grew with your love and affection and now I miss it badly. Wishing you a wonderful Happy Mother’s Day.

10). Dear Grand ma, I don’t feel like the special kid anymore as you are not there to pamper me and spoil me with your unconditional love. I am sending my heartfelt wishes to you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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