Funny I Miss You Messages for Mom

Miss You Messages for Mom

When you are away from your mother, you definitely miss her so much, because mom is our best friend and in each single second, we need support from our mom. You can send a funny miss you message to your mom so that it carries your emotion to your mother in a very loving way. Add your personal thoughts to bring the sweet smiles to your mom’s face. The message carries your emotion of love, but in a hilarious way.

Here a collection of funny I miss you message samples for mom is presented below:

1). It is very difficult to spend a second without you; as I cannot give myself a hug when I am in pain, I cannot scold myself when I do wrong; I miss your gentle touch that heals my any wounds. Mom I miss you so much.

2). Mom, you don’t know how much I miss you; all those things that annoyed me in the past, I miss them a lot; your scolding and all those thousands name you call me; I wish I were with you always. I miss you.

3). My mom is no less than a magician, who can drive out my tears only with her touch, who can heal the pain only with a hug and who gives me the courage only with her hope. You are the greatest magician in the world. Miss you.

4). I miss you mom as I cannot handle myself on my own; I cannot support myself in worse; I need you always; I miss your lovely voice that makes me believe in myself. Soon I will be with you.

5). All those moments that we have spent together crowd in my mind and take me back in the past. I cannot be like you, because you are only the one God made for me. I make my all dream true and I miss you.

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