World Rhino Day Messages, Save Rhino Slogans & Quotes

World Rhino Day Messages, Save Rhino Slogans

22nd September is observed as World Rhino Day. This day aims at creating more awareness about different species of Rhino: black, white, Javan rhinos, great one-horned or Sumatran rhinos because they are at the brink of getting extinct. Make it a more special with catchy rhino slogans and save rhino quotes. Send to your family and friends the most inspiring World Rhino Day greetings messages and cute rhino sayings.

Here is the wonderful collection of World Rhino Day messages and slogans on save rhino. With such powerful captions for rhinos, you can have them shared on Facebook, WhatsApp with everyone on your list of contacts.

World Rhino Day Messages, Wishes

“Warm wishes on World Rhino Day to you…. Let us join hands to save rhinos because they are an important part of our world and we will always need them.”

“Rhinos are wonderful animals and they need to be saved because they don’t deserve to die…. Wishing a very Happy World Rhino Day to you.”

“As humans it is our responsibility to add more colours to their lives and not to kill them…. Warm wishes on World Rhino Day to everyone.”

“All they want is some peace and love and we must give them both….. Let us save rhinos for they belong to this planet…. Happy World Rhino Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy World Rhino Day everyone….. It is very sad to know that some of the humans are killing the rhinoceroses because they need protection and care.”

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Cute Rhino Sayings and Quotes

“We cannot call ourselves humans if we cannot save the innocent rhinoceroses.”

“They have done no harm to us, so why are we harming them…. Save rhinos!!!”

“The perfect way to celebrate World Rhino Day is by pledging to protect them.”

“Rhinos don’t deserve to be killed because they are precious…. Let us save rhinos.”

“Let us appreciate this day because it appreciates all efforts for saving rhinos.”

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Catchy Save Rhino Slogans, Taglines

Save rhinos to save earth.

Rhinos are an important part of our existence and they need to be saved.

Protect rhinos today to have a better life tomorrow.

Let us save rhinos from becoming extinct from this world.

With our efforts, we can help rhinos and help ourselves.

Don’t let rhinos become one of the dinos.

They are the chunny unicorns and we must save them.

Nature is a treasure and rhinos are also precious.

Let us save animals because they make our existence possible.

Make it a save world for rhinos.

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Captions for Rhino

Save rhinos for a better tomorrow.

Our Mother Earth needs Rhinos to be saved.

Let us make Earth a happier place for rhinos to live.

Let us not repeat history…. Let us save rhinos.

Rhinos need our support…. Save Rhino!!!!

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  • Vaishnavi Sharma February 22, 2023, 2:44 pm

    Rhinos are also part of our country, Let’s come and save Rhinos

  • Vaishnavi Sharma February 22, 2023, 2:45 pm

    thank you for helping me out