Happy World Animal Day 2023 Wishes, Messages, Quotes and Status

Happy World Animal Day Greetings, Poster Messages and Wishes

Every year 4th October is celebrated as World Animal Day in order to improve the welfare standards of animals around the world. The idea is to unite different animal welfare movements and work together to make the world a better place for animals to live it. Different countries celebrate this day differently.  You can share Wild Conservation slogans and sayings on this day with your family and friends to bring more awareness about saving animals.

We bring a collection of World Animal Day messages in Hindi and English. Use these World Animal Day 2023 quotes, status messages, greetings, images, to share on WhatsApp, Facebook with your loved ones.

Happy World Animal Day Text Messages and Wishes

1. They cannot speak for themselves…. They cannot fight for themselves….. Therefore, it is our duty to speak for them and fight for their rights…. Happy World Animal Day to all.

2. Life is equally dear to a mute creature as it is to us….. They also want a life full of happiness and no pain…. On this World Animal Day, let us promise to become more responsible towards animals.

3. Animals are as important as plants and humans to Mother Earth and our life depends on them because we are all a part of the same cycle…. Let us protect this cycle by protecting them…. Happy World Animals Day.

4. God created animals and then God created humans to take care of them…. Let us make World Animal Day more meaningful by taking care of these sweet, helpless animals who are dependent on us for their betterment.

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World Animal Day Greetings Messages in Hindi

5. Jaanwar bezuban hain par unke haq ke liye ladne le liye hum hamesha hi azaad hain….. World Animals Day par ye pran lein ki hum inke ache Jeevan ke liye kaarya karenge.

6. Jitna mahatv ek insaan ka hai, us se kai zyada mahatv in jaanwaro ka hai…. Inhe kam naa samjhein aur inko surakshit rakhne ke liye apna yogdaan dein…. Happy World Animals Day.

7. Humari laparwahi ka nateeja hai ki kitne hi jaanwar apna astitva kho baithe…. Aao janwaron ke prati jagruk banein aur unhein suraksha pradan karein….. Best wishes on World Animals Day.

8. World Animals Day humein yaad dilate hai ki janwar ki raksha karna insaan ka dharm hai, use maarna ya yaatna dene se hum apni aane wali pedhi ke liye ek dukhi vaatavaran taiyaar kar rahein hai.

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Cute World Animal Day Quotes

9. Treat animals as your friends and this world will be a beautiful place to live together…. Happy World Animals Day.

10. Let us accept and embrace animals because they are the part of our existence and must be loved and respected…. Best wishes on World Animals Day.

11. The worst sin is not to hate an animal but it is to be indifferent towards an animal….Let us respect them all.

12. We can judge a man by the way he treats the animals….. Wishing a very Happy World Animals Day.

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World Animal Day WhatsApp and Facebook Status Messages

13. Let us widen our circle of friends by including some animals into it….. Have a Happy World Animals Day.

14. World Animals Day is a reminder that the onus of keeping animals safe and happy lies on us… Best wishes on World Animals Day.

15. We are the ones who took their habitats away and therefore, we are responsible for their safety, food and happiness….. Happy World Animals Day.

16. The only thing that you can give animals is your love and they will love your unconditionally in return…. Warm wishes on World Animals Day.

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World Animal Day Poster Messages

17. Save animals because they are also our family!!!

18. Join hands to protect animals because they complete our world.

19. When one animal gets extinct, it is a loss of every other specie on the planet…. Save animals!!!

20. Don’t treat animals as threats but treat them as friends for a happier world.

Heart Touching Slogan on Save Animals

21. If they cannot speak, doesn’t mean they don’t feel the pain…. Understand them and love them!!!

22. Our lives are incomplete without animals…. They are the reason for so many smiles.

23. The best way to love animals is by caring about them, by fighting for their rights!!!

24. An animal doesn’t want anything else from you other than your love and it will do everything in return for you.

Heart-warming Animal Quotes on World Animal Day 2023

 We cannot imagine our lives without these amazing animals that surround us and the animals that we have not even seen. Happy World Animal Day.

Animals need our love and our attention and that is what they are expecting out of us all the times. Warm wishes on World Animal Day.

Let us come together and celebrate the occasion of World Animal Day by promising to keep the animals protected and safe.

We have made the lives of the animals so much more difficult and therefore, we must work in synergy to make their lives better. Happy World Animal Day.

Slogans on Animals are our friends

Animals are the most loyal friends of humans who never demand or expect anything.

Let us give animals the love they deserve.

Animals make our lives so much better.

Let us shower animals with our love.

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