Sample Birthday Messages

Sample happy birthday messages

Birthday messages are the best way to let our loved ones know how grateful we are to have them in our life.  There is a more meaningful implication to a birthday message then we perceive.  By wishing someone on their birthday we actually are conveying our gratefulness for the positive impact they have on our life, for being a part of our story. There are various ways to wish a person Birthday and the way we wish depends on our relation with them. Here are few examples and sample of sweet happy birthday text messages.

Birthday Messages for Friends

Friends play vital role in our life and their birthday means a lot more to us then the party they throw for us so a birthday message for our pals includes all the sentiments which we usually tend to hide behind our informal conversations throughout the year.

”Happy birthday to my dear friend wish you a fun filled, joyous life with your family and friends. My heartfelt warm wishes will with you always.”

Birthday messages for Mom

Moms are the angels of our life and wishing her birthday is the best way to tell her how important she is. Birthday messages for mom convey our gratitude for all the love, care and affection she showers on us all through her life and to let her know how lucky we are to be her kid.

”Happy birthday mom wish you a sweet, relaxed life ahead and thank you for loving me, and teaching me all the good things which make me a better person. Love you a lot”

Birthday messages for Dad

Wishing Dad on his birthday is a great way of telling him that he is important and his presence in our life is inevitable for our happiness. A dad’s birthday is a best way of showing how much you love your father and care for him. The birthday wishes would make the dad feel special and loved by his children. One can also send gifts for the dad to make the birthday more memorable one.

“For my loving dad, I send you Happy birthday Dad, want to thank you for being the anchor of life, loving me but also simultaneously teaching me difference between right and wrong Love you very much.”

Birthday messages for Sister

Sisters love being loved and what better way to show them our love then wishing them on their birthday with a personalized birthday message. The birthday wishes for the sister can be sent through text messages. A sister is a precious close sibling with whom one shares secrets and life together and wishing her on her birthday with love would make the occasion much memorable for her. Gifts which she would love can also be sent to her to make her happier.

“Happy birthday wishes for my sweet and loving sister. I wish you a very joyous and successful life ahead filled with love and happiness in each and every moment.”

Birthday messages for Wife

A wife spends her whole creating comfort zone for her husband and wishing her on her birthday is a way of letting her know that her efforts and presence is acknowledged and to tell her how much she matters.

“You make my life meaningful and worth living, my warm wishes for you will stay with you forever just as light stays with sun. Happy birthday”

Birthday message for Husband

An affectionate Birthday message to husband wishing him on his birthday depicts love and care for him. The wishes can be sent with gifts for the husband to make him feel special on the day. A surprise birthday celebration can also be planned which would bring a never ending smile on the husband’s face. The birthday messages for husband can be sent through texts.

“My love for you grows with each passing day, and I promise to love you selflessly always. I send loving happy birthday wishes with gifts for you my dear husband and my love.”

Birthday message for kids

Kids wait for their birthday and a sweet loving birthday message makes their day. The birthdays are a joyous occasion for any kid who celebrates with cakes, confetti and chocolates along with friends and family. The kids wait eagerly for their birthday to receive presents and chocolates they love. As such, a beautiful birthday messages with a surprise gift would make the occasion more memorable and special for your kid.

“To the cutest kid in the world, I wish you a happy birthday full of gifts, chocolates, toys and blessings. I hope you have a blast on birthday enjoying with friends and relishing the delicious chocolates I sent you.”

Birthday messages for Best friend

Birthday messages for best friends are the most informal messages which include all the meaningless secret codes best friends share. Celebration of a birthday of a best friend is a joyous occasion with parties and treats given among the best of friends. The best friends would love to receive the birthday wishes from their close friends. One can also send gifts for the best friend and arrange surprises for them on the special day.

“Happy birthday to the most loved best friend of mine. I love you a lot and I hope your birthday is the best of all with gifts from me and stay as you are as a change in you will bring a change my life too.”

Birthday messages for Girlfriend

Birthday message for girlfriends are cute, romantic and full of compliments. The girlfriend eagerly awaits the loving birthday wishes from the boyfriend o her birthday. The boyfriend can send surprise gifts for the girlfriend throughout the day to make the birthday special. One can also send loving notes and arrange treats to make the occasion a memorable one and make her feel special.

“Loving happy birthday wishes for most beautiful girlfriend of mine. I send gifts for you and hope to celebrate birthday in a grand way with me and we get special moments of togetherness on the day.”

Birthday messages for Lover

Birthday messages for ones lover has the hidden message of the depth of love that one has for them. A lover makes a person feel centered and wishing them birthday is the best way to express our love for them. A birthday message for lover is full of passion and romance.

“Happy Birthday my love, having you in my life is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. You are an amazing person thank you for adding a bling in my life with your presence. Wish you a very loving and romantic life with me! “

Birthday Messages for Brother

The birthday wishes for the brother can be sent by the sibling to show the love and care for him. The birthday wishes can be sent through texts along with gifts for the dear brother to make him feel special and loved. One can also make the birthday a memorable one by arranging surprises for the dear brother.

“Happy birthday wishes for my dear brother with love. I hope your birthday and the year to come be filled with happiness and love always and you have a grand celebration of the day.”

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