Birthday Messages for Friends

Friend Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes for friends are sent through text messages and also through social networking sites. In addition to that, one can also send birthday wishes through cute and funny videos sent in a DVD to the concerned person.  Friends celebrate birthday in a much joyous way than anyone else. They come together to hang out or for special celebratory lunches or dinners. Sometimes, friends also meet up at home and celebrate together. Let us see some of the sweet birthday messages for friends examples sent to different people:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Best friends are the closest of friends. They share a special and much closer connection in comparison to other friends. Best friends are the ones to go the extra step to do something for the other on the special birthday.

“Wish you a happy birthday my best friend. May you have lots of happy filled moments on your birthday and all the year through.”

Birthday Wishes Message for New friend

People come across new friendship in many different phases of life. It is not only at the beginning of life that new friendship occurs. New friendship is beautiful as friends get to know each other and discover their likes and dislikes. Birthday wishes to new friends are special as the friend eagerly waits for the cute wish from that special new friend.

“Wish you a happy birthday my new friend. I wish you lots of happiness today and all the year through as you take steps into another year of your life.”

Birthday messages to an old friend

Old friends who meet after a long time celebrate their meeting and their friendship in a grand way. The old friendship developed during school or college is immemorial and become special when they meet after a long time. The old friend feels more special and happy when wished on his or her birthday from an old friend.

“Wish you a marvelous birthday my old friend. It’s been years after we met and I take this chance today to wish you love and joyous moments on your birthday and all the year through.”

Birthday message to a pen friend

Pen friends are friends who do not meet but are in touch through letters. Though the usage of letters is less nowadays with the use of email communication, pen friends are in touch throughout. The pen friendship is special and good because of the excitement of the friends when they await the wish of the special pen friend.

“Have a happy birthday my sweet pen friend. Even though I am not near you at this moment, I send you lots of love, happy and fun filled moments on your birthday and all of the years to come.”

Sweet Birthday Messages for Close Friends

A birthday is a celebration everyone awaits for much eagerly. Close friends celebrate the occasion in a much grander way by gifting surprises and partying. As such, sweet birthday wishes can be sent to the close friends through texts to make them feel good. Birthday gifts can also be sent along with the beautiful wishes.

“Dear close friend, I wish you a happy birthday celebration. Your gorgeous smile may remain flowering as ever and it shines up more on your special celebration day.”

Birthday message to a faraway friend

There are also friends who stay far from each other due to work or settlement and fail to be with each other on the birthdays. As such, birthday wishes sent through a text message, a funny mail or through social networking site does a lot to cheer up the good faraway friend on his or her birthday.

“Have a fantastic birthday my faraway friend. I send you lots of happiness and love on your birthday through this message and hope to celebrate with you the next time we meet. Have a blast.”

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