Birthday Message to a Pen Friend

Birthday Message to a Pen Friend

Pen friends are friends who do not meet but are in touch through letters. Though the usage of letters is less nowadays with the use of email communication, pen friends are in touch throughout. The pen friendship is special and good because of the excitement of the friends when they await the wish of the special pen friend.

Let us see samples of cute happy birthday message to a pen friend with example:

1). Dear pen friend, wishing you a happy birthday celebration through this text. I wish you all the love on your special day and always.

2). Dearest pen friend, have a happy birthday celebration with friends and loved ones. Do make sure to send pictures of your celebration.

3). Lovely pen friend, I send you lovely happy birthday wishes. Have a good celebration and fun moments on your special day.

4). Sweet pen friend, wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration. I hope you enjoy a lot on your best birthday and have great moments of your special day.

5). Cute pen friend, I send my love and heartiest birthday wishes for you. I also send you gifts along with the wishes.

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