Birthday Messages to an Old Friend

Old Friend Birthday Messages

Old friends who meet after a long time celebrate their meeting and their friendship in a grand way. The old friendship developed during school or college is immemorial and become special when they meet after a long time. The old friend feels more special and happy when wished on his or her birthday from an old friend.

Following are the Samples of sweet birthday messages to an old friend:

1). Dear old friend, I send you my love and happy birthday wishes for a lovely celebration. I hope to see you soon and receive the birthday treat from you.

2). Dearest old friend, have a happy and wonderful birthday. I hope to renew our friendship by meeting you next weekend and also get your birthday treat.

3). Dear old friend, I wish you a happiest birthday celebration. I hope your celebration fills up with love and happiness always.

4). Sweet old friend, wishing you a lovely and happy birthday celebration. I also send you special gift for you to remember our friendship forever.

5). Dear old friend, I hope you celebrate you birthday well with loved ones. Wishing you a happy birthday celebration.

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