Birthday Messages for Daughter

Birthday Messages for Daughter

A daughter’s birthday is a special way for celebration for parents. As much as the daughter is excited about her birthday, the parents too are excited and make sure to celebrate it in a grand way. The parents make the birthday special and grand to make her happy and joyful. One can also sweet birthday wishes on social networking sites with a photograph for the daughter.

Let us see some of the sample of sweet birthday messages for daughter sent in different ways:

21st Birthday Messages for Daughter

A 21st birthday of a daughter calls in for a grand celebration as her first step into the twenties. The parents can gift a special present like something the daughter loves or can plan a surprise birthday party for her inviting all her friends and giving her a surprise. It would make her much happier and excited.

“As you step into the 21st year of your life, may you have all the fun and happiness on your 21st birthday and in your twenties.”

Funny Birthday Messages for Daughter

Funny birthday wishes for daughter are intended to make the daughter happy and bring a smile to her face. The funny birthday wishes can be written on a card with a funny character drawing and can be presented to the daughter.

“Big girl, get start with your older phase of your twenties life. Start with gardening now. Have a happy birthday.”

Special Birthday Messages for Daughter

Special birthday wishes love and are intended to make the daughter feel more special. The special wishes tell all the special things about the daughter which the parents feel. The special birthday wishes can be sent through text messages or also video clip where the parents can say all the special things of the daughter in the video clip and send it to the daughter on a DVD.

“Daughter, I wish you a marvelous birthday and thank you for being such a special daughter of mine. You have made me proud always and I am happy to have you as my lovely daughter.”

Birthday Messages for Daughter in Law

A daughter in law is a new addition to the family and everyone looks forward to wish her on her birthday with love. Loved ones also arrange sweet surprise parties and gifts for the daughter in law to make her feel loved in the new home on her special day. The birthday wishes for the daughter in law can be sent through text messages. One can also send gifts for her along with the wishes.

“Dear daughter in law, I wish you a happy birthday. I hope you have a grand celebration in the new home and send you gifts for making the day more special for you.”

18th Birthday Messages for Daughter

18th birthday means the late teens. Teenage life is something every teenager wants to live. It is the teenage life which people reminiscences as having lots of fun and cherished moments with friends and family. As such, a 118th birthday of the daughter is special and grand enough to celebrate her last few teen years.

“Have a happy 18th birthday daughter. Have a blast and many cherishing moments on your special day and forever in your life. Best wishes on your birthday.”

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Daughter

Inspirational birthday wishes thank and praise a daughter for a wonderful daughter she has been to her parents. It also encourages the daughter for her good deeds towards her parents and family as always. The inspirational birthday wishes make the daughter feel sweet, special and loved.

“Daughter, you have been the best in everything, be it caring for us and making us proud. On your birthday, may God shower his choicest blessings of love and happiness upon you.”

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