Birthday Messages for Mom

Birthday Wishes for Mothers

A mother is the most special person for anyone. She is the nurturer, caretaker, and the prime person of all to her child. A mother’s birthday is a special occasion for any child just like his or her mother. As such, celebrating a mother’s birthday becomes most important and preparations go on fully to celebrate it in a grand way. The birthday wishes for mom are sent through text messages through social networking sites. Let us see samples of cute birthday messages to mom sent in different ways:

Funny Birthday Messages for Mom

Funny birthday wishes are meant to be sent to cheer up the mood of the mother and bring a smile on her face. The funny birthday wishes can be sent through text messages for the mother or can be also written down on the personalized birthday card the child makes for the mother.

“Celebrate your special day of your birth with a cool glass of champagne and get drunk to give an equal to dad to surprise him. Have a happy birthday mother.”

50th Birthday Messages for Mom

Turning 50th is special for a mother as she crossed a span of decades into what is called a milestone of her age. Caring for a child and looking after the child makes a mother forget her years of her life passing by. As such, celebrating 50th birthday seems a surprise and an acceptance of another year of her life passing by.

“As you step into your 50th birthday, I wish you love, happiness and many cherished moments on your birthday and your life always.”

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Mom

Inspirational birthday wishes inspire a mother for her effort and toil in bringing up her child and how much she has done for the family. This also encourages her to carry on her life with her endurance and praise her for being a good mother and a beautiful person she is.

“Have a happy birthday mother. I am lucky to have a unique person like you as my mother to have filled my life with your colorful love and everlasting guidance. Love you mother a lot.”

Emotional Birthday Messages for Mom

Emotional and sweet birthday wishes touch the heart and makes the mother feel special and loved. She feels her love for her children grow and feels happy with all the love surrounding her.

“On your birthday, I wish you lots of love and happiness today and always. You have been an extremely beautiful person of my life and I thank you and wish you all the happiness of the world for being there for me always.”

Happy birthday messages for mother in law

A mother in law is an important person whom one send birthday wishes on the special day. The wishes which are sent through texts would make the mother in law feel happy and cared for. The loved ones can also send birthday gifts for her along with the wishes. The mother in law eagerly looks forward to celebrating her birthday with her children and daughter in law and son in law.

“Dear mother in law, I wish you a happy birthday. I send gifts to make your birthday celebration a grand one and pray to Lord to bless your life with much happiness.”

60th Birthday Messages for Mom

60th birthday is also a milestone decade for a mother and she looks forward to celebrate it grand. Her children can make the birthday special by baking her favorite cake or gifting her something special.

“Have a marvelous 60th birthday  mother. May you get all the joy and precious moments of your life filled with fun and happiness.”

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