Funny Birthday Messages for Mom

Funny Birthday Messages for Mother

Funny birthday wishes are meant to be sent to cheer up the mood of the mother and bring a smile on her face. The funny birthday wishes can be sent through text messages for the mother or can be also written down on the personalized birthday card the child makes for the mother.

Some of the samples of funny birthday messages for mom are given below:

1). Sweet mom, I wish you a beautiful and happy birthday celebration. I hope you have made the lovely cake which I would gorge upon rather than you cutting the cake as I love it.

2). Dearest mom, wishing you a happy birthday celebration and I would expect you to treat me with the sweet pudding you made last year. I will treat you only if you make that for me.

3). Dear mom, through this text I wish you a happy and marvellous birthday celebration and I wish you will make the best of my day by arranging a return gift for me.

4). Lovely mom, this text carries my love for you and happy birthday wishes to make you feel good and happier. I hope you try out dancing classes as a birthday gift from me to make you groove sometimes.

5). Cute mom, I wish you a happy birthday celebration and wish that your party this time goes on well without any disturbance like last year. I hope you do not invite many girlfriends as I feel awkward.

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