Emotional Birthday Messages for Mom

Emotional Mother Birthday Messages

Emotional and sweet birthday wishes touch the heart and makes the mother feel special and loved. She feels her love for her children grow and feels happy with all the love surrounding her.

Following are the samples of best emotional birthday messages for mom:

1). Dear mom, I wish you a beautiful and happy filled birthday celebration. I wish I was there in your celebration though I am sad to have missed it.

2). Dearest mom, wishing you a happy and wonderful birthday celebration. Even though I badly wanted to be there by your side on your birthday, I couldn’t for an emergency and am sad for that.

4). Sweet mom, have a happy birthday and celebrate it will lots of love and happiness. I am sorry I could bring you any gift since I couldn’t get time to buy anything. I will surely gift you something later.

4). Dearest mom, through this text I wish you a happy birthday and hope you have lots of fun and enjoyment. I regret not being able to be there at your celebration due to commuting issues over long distances.

5). Lovely mom, sending you my love and happy birthday wishes for a wonderful celebration. I hope you enjoy a lot and miss me a much I am badly missing you out here.

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