Birthday Messages for Dad

Sample Birthday Messages for Dad

A father is an important person in the life of a child. A father is the supporting backbone, the financial lifesaver of the family and also the head of the family. it is the father who looks after the security of the family and the home. Not only that, the father is an embodiment of love and care and kindness.  A father’s birthday is a special and important occasion of celebration for the child who makes big plans for the father on his birthday. The birthday wishes for a father can be sent by his child through text messages. The child can also send the good birthday wishes through social networking sites where he or she can send text messages or also upload the wish on the status with a beautiful photograph of the father. Let us see some of the sample of lovely birthday messages for dad sent in different ways:

Birthday Messages for Dad in Heaven

A father is the backbone of the family. as such, if the father passes away and goes to heaven, it makes life difficult and also a sad journey where he is missed always. The birthday wishes can be sent through prayers and one can show love for father by uploading photographs and wishes for the loving father.

“Dad, I love you a lot and you will always be missed terribly. I send birthday wishes to you and love for you and you will ever in our heart forever.”

Funny Birthday Messages for Dad

Funny birthday wishes are sent which bring humor and smile to the face of a father. the child can draw a funny character on a card and send the birthday wish with it. Funny birthday wishes are loved by all fathers when sent by their loving children.

“wish you a happy birthday big old man. i would have loved to send you big bottles of love to stop myself from gutting it down.”

50th Birthday Messages for Dad

A 50th birthday of a father is special and beautiful occasion for celebration. The children make big plans for celebrating the 50th birthday party of the father and also plan to give a surprise to the father as a part of the plan. Be it by bringing a big cake for the grand celebration or a big surprise party inviting all his close friends and colleagues, the 50th birthday of the father is always special.

“Have a marvelous 50th birthday dad. May you have all the happiness and love in the world on your birthday and all the years to come.”

Birthday Messages for Dad from Son

The relationship between a father and his son is a special bonding wherein they share a common friendly rapport. On the birthday celebration of the dad, the son goes all the way to make it special for him by sending birthday wishes with love. He arranges a grand party for the dad and invites all loved ones to surprise the father on his birthday. The son also sends gifts for him to make him feel loved.

“This text carries happy birthday wishes for my dad from his son with love. I hope you have a grand celebration and send you loving gifts to brighten up your day.”

Inspirational Birthday Messages for Father

Inspirational birthday wishes praise the father for his best endless effort he has given in bringing up his children and running the family well. It also gives encouragement for the love and effort he has given all his life.

“Like the love you have showered upon us all your life, may God shower all the love and moments for cherishing on your birthday and all your life.”

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