Funny Birthday Messages for Dad

Funny Birthday Messages for Dad

Funny birthday wishes are sent which bring humor and smile to the face of a father. the child can draw a funny character on a card and send the birthday wish with it. Funny birthday wishes are loved by all fathers when sent by their loving children.

Following are some of the samples of funny birthday messages for dad:

1). Dear dad, it’s high time you give me the treat you have been promising me from long time. It’s your birthday and this is a good chance. I wish you a happy birthday.

2). Dearest dad, I wish you a happy birthday full of happiness always. Dad, I want to give you a precious gift provided you also arrange a return gift for me that too something of my choice.

3). Lovely dad, wishing you a happy birthday filled with love. It’s the time of the year when I look forward to reminding you of your age and how soon have I have grown up.

4). Sweet dad, I wish you a happy birthday and I look forward to the evening today for the biggest celebration. I hope you will include music for me and my friends.

5). Dear dad, through this text I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration. I m sending you a good bottle of champagne considering I get my monthly due a bit more than other months for that.

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