Good Slogans on Dussehra in English and Hindi

Good Slogans on Dussehra Festival

Celebrate the festival of Dussehra this year with the inspiring Happy Dussehra slogans to share with your family and friends. Instead of regular messages, send some good thoughts on Dussehra. Share with everyone around you slogans on Dussehra festival and Dussehra inspirational quotes that can motivate any heart to always follow the Dharma.

Here is the wonderful collection of Happy Dussehra Messages, slogans on Dussehra in English and slogans on Dussehra in Hindi. Make it a day full of celebrations with slogans on Dussehra festival to share on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

Best Slogans on Dussehra Festival in English

“Enjoy the festival of Dussehra, the triumph of truth over evil…. Have a Happy Dussehra.”

“Let us always follow the path shown by Lord Ram for a meaningful life.”

“Dussehra is the day to put an end to all the negativities and start fresh.”

May we always follow the path of Dharma to have a happy and peaceful life.”

“Let us start a joyous life by doing things that are right.”

“Not standing for right things is also Adharma… Happy Dussehra.”

“May all your tensions and negativities get burnt with the fire of Dussehra.”

“May the festival of Dussehra leave you with purity and positivity in life.”

“Dussehra will always remind us of the victory of good over bad, right over wrong.”

“May you are blessed with wisdom and patience to do the right thing in life.”

Good Slogans on Dussehra Festival in Hindi

“Dussehra ka parv humein yaad dilata hai ki ant mein jeet satya ki hi hoti hai.”

“Vijay Dashami ka tyohar de aapko sad-budhi aur saahas satya ka saath dene ke liye.”

“Dussehre ki agni mein bhasm ho jaye aapke saare dukh aur dard.”

“Dharma ki raah par chalna hi samajhdari hai aur Dussehra manane ka sahi dhang hai.”

“Shri Ram ka ashirvad sada dikhaye aapko dharma ki raah har baar.”

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