Funny Friendship Day Messages for Friends in Hindi and English

Funny Friendship Day wishes messages, funny messages for friends

30 July, 2023 in India and across various countries in this world is Friendship Day. This is a beautiful day to send funny jokes to friends and bring a smile to the faces of your best friend, college friend, school friend and new friend. With funny friendship messages and beautiful Friendship Day messages to best friend, you can surely make it an unforgettable day for your loving friends. Funny Friendship Day msg are the easiest way to earn few smiles.

Browse through the wonderful collection of Happy Friendship Day messages in English and Hindi. Perfectly designed sweet, funny friendship messages for Facebook and WhatsApp are the good friendship messages to make the day.

Funny Friendship Day 2023 Messages for Best Friend

“Friends are the angels sent by God but my angel seems to be more like a devil…. Happy Friendship Day to my best friend for being the best devil of my life.”

“You don’t need friends to make life simpler but you need them to make it more complex with their stupid advices…. Happy Friendship Day to one such stupid friend.”

Funny Friendship Messages for Friends on Whatsapp/Facebook

“May the colours of friendship always brighten each and every day of our lives with happiness and goodness…. Happy Friendship Day.”

“Friends are someone who understand you, someone with whom you can share everything…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day to all my friends.”

Funny Happy Friendship Day Greetings Messages for Friends in English

1. I sometimes think that you must pray every day to God because it is extremely important to thank him for gifting you with the most beautiful person in this life…. That is ME as your friend…. So don’t forget to thank him this Friendship Day.

2. Today is Friendship Day and it is that auspicious day which adds some life to your life and meaning to your existence because had I not been there, your life would have been tasteless…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day to you.

3. With a friend like you, no one needs an enemy because you not only play a role of a friend but you also make sure that I don’t miss an enemy in my life…. Happy Friendship Day to you my friend who is so different.

4. I don’t understand whether it was good karmas or my bad karmas that I got you in my life because you always confuse me that whether you are my friend or someone who could stand against me in every situation…. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day.

Funny Friendship Day 2023 Messages for Friends in Hindi

5. Tere jaisa dost ho toh fir kisko zarurat hai ek dushman ki…… Ji tarah se tune mujhe dost jaisa pyaar diya hai aur dushman jaisi fatkar di hai….. Mujhe samajh aa gaya hai ki tu hi mera sangi saathi hai…. Happy Friendship Day dost.

6. Zindagi mein jab bhi aisa lagta hai koi rang nahi bache, koi ronak nahi rahi, teri surat dekh kar yaad aata hai ki ek indra- Dhanush jaisa jokar toh hai jo hamesha mujhe hasata hai….. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.

7. Meri har takleef mein tu tha, mere har dukh mein bhi tu hi tha, meri har asafalta mein bhi tu hi tha, kahin aisa toh nahi ki tu hi in sab ka kaaran tha….. par jo bhi hu, tu hi toh sabse khaas hai….. Best wishes on Friendship Day to you.

8. Bhagwan tujh par behad meherban hai aur iska sabut hu mein jo ki tera sabse acha yaar hai…. Teri zindagi ko khubsurat banane aaya hu meri, meri kadar kar aur mera samman kar….. Happy Friendship Day my friend.

Funny Friendship Day Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

9. God send friends so that you have someone to blame for your problems in life….. Cheers to my dearest friends because they are the reason for all my issues.

10. When friends are there, there is no need to fear because they are themselves the biggest fear for others…. Happy Friendship Day.

11. Finding you has been the biggest discovery of my life and I can say so looking at your size…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.

12. I am your best friend because I am seriously too good and you are seriously very lucky….. Happy Friendship Day.

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