Special Happy Friendship Day Messages to Wish Childhood Friends

Special Happy friendship day wishes messages for childhood friends

The bond that you share with your childhood friend is always very special. You have grown together and seen every phase of life supporting each other. Childhood friendship is above all and deserves all your attention and love. My childhood friend messages are the best way to wish your buddy from childhood days. With missing my childhood friends messages, you can wish your funny childhood friends a very warm and heartfelt Happy Friendship Day!!

To help you with, we bring to you a heart-touching collection of childhood friendship messages and quotes to send across your dearest pal.

Happy Friendship Day Messages for Childhood Friends

1. You make the best friends when you are a small kid because there is no purpose, there is no selfish approach….. You become friends because you connect and because your hearts feel for each other…. Wishing Happy Friendship Day to my childhood friend.

2. Whenever I am stressed, I simply think of our childhood times when there were just smiles, just homework, just playing around and we did not even know what tensions are…. Cheers to those times and our bond of friendship….. Best wishes on Friendship Day to you.

3. We have done many things together…. From learning to make our first paper boat to confessing our love to our crushes…. You are truly the most special friend because you have been with me for the longest times and you will stay with me forever….. Happy Friendship Day to you.

4. You know what is Friendship Day Happy Friendship Day for me? Well, that’s because I have the same friend to celebrate it with since my childhood…. You are really very special to me and closest to my heart…. Wish you all the happiness in the world.

5. Our friendship is as old as our age…… We have seen the happy times, sad times, good times, bad times, cry times, smile times with each other…. Thank you for making each and every moment memorable for me….. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.

6. You are the most special person to me in the world because you understand me the best way and you have seen me through my success and failures and you have always stayed with me through all the ups and downs…. Sending my best wishes on Friendship Day.

7. Friendship Day to me means celebrating this day with my childhood friend…. Our friendship is like wine which has been getting tastier and better with age…. Cheers to old memories and the memories we are still to make…. Happy Friendship Day.

8. When I think of our friendship, I remember no date when it began and that’s the most special part of it…. You are not just my school friend, my college friend but you are my childhood friend who has been there forever….. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.

9. My Friendship Day is happy when you are with me to celebrate it…. From tying Friendship bands to each other to going out on parties this day, we have done everything…. Sending warm hugs and lots of love on Friendship Day to you.

10. You are not my friend….. You are my childhood friend, my forever friend with whom I have done various first things of my life…. I wish you a very Happy Friendship Day…. Let us catch up and spend some time remembering the beautiful days of our life!!

11. You are my first friend and very first since childhood…. You are the only one with whom I would always share all my secrets with…. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me all the times… Wishing you Happy Friendship Day my dear.

12. The best part of our friendship is that I don’t remember when we met last because we became friends when we were little kids, full of innocence, knowing nothing…. Cheers to our ever-lasting friendship which dates back to golden days…. Warm wishes on Friendship Day.

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