Friendship Day Wishes, Messages and Quotes for Loved Ones

Happy Friendship Day Greetings Messages to Loved Ones Wishes

Friendship Day is one of the most important days on the calendar as it celebrates the most beautiful bond. This significant day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and Friendship Day date in 2023 is 30 July, 2023. Celebrate this joyous occasion by sending Happy Friendship Day messages, quotes and sayings to your pals. These short and sweet Friendship Day messages in English and Hindi have the magic to express your emotions and feelings. Don’t forget to send Friendship Day wishes for best friend along with flowers, chocolates and of course a band of love.

Browse through the collection of text messages for Friendship Day 2023 along with quotes, sayings and greetings to share your love with your friends.

Happy Friendship Day Messages for Best Friend

1. I am sending my love and warm hugs along with best wishes on Friendship Day to you…. May our friendship get stronger and better with time as we grow old with each passing day… Happy Friendship Day.

2. Friendship Day is a celebration of the most precious relationship that we have and today is the day when I tell you every year that despite all the fights, I love you the most because you are very special to me…. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day my dear.

3. No one is perfect but we share the most perfect equation with each other and that’s why you are my best friend in every sense…. Happy Friendship Day to you my bestie!!!

4. There is one person without talking to whom your day is incomplete and for me you are that person because you understand me like no one else…. Warm Friendship Day wishes to you.

5. Today is the day to celebrate our amazing compatibility which has made many hearts jealous and our understanding which is unmatched….. A Happy Friendship Day to my best friend.

6. I know my secrets are safe, I know no problem is big enough, I know I have someone to call at 2 am, I know all this because I have you….. Thanks for being my best friend. Happy Friendship Day.

7. There is no one else in this world who can test my patience like you, who can bring out the craziness inside me…. Cheers to our friendship…. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.

8. There is only one person in life whom you need to make it a beautiful life…. and that person for me is my best friend…. With loads of love, wishing you Happy Friendship Day.

9. I always think that you are the most blessed kid of Almighty because you have me as your best friend… May you are always blessed….. Best wishes to you on Friendship Day my dear.

Short and Sweet Friendship Day Wishes to Sister

10. Life is sorted if you find a friend in your sister…. And I feel I have been blessed to have you in my life…. Sending you my love and Happy Friendship Day wishes on this special day.

11. You are the witness to all my problems, all my happiness, all my successes, all my failures… Wishing Happy Friendship Day to the best sister who is also my best friend.

12. Dear sis, you are the only one whom I can trust my life with…. You are my angel, my guardian and my sweetest friend who is there for me forever…. Happy Friendship Day.

13. God has blessed me with a sister who is a dear friend. You have known me since day one, we have grown together, we are each other’s secret box…. I have got to wish you Happy Friendship Day.

14. When you are there, I feel double powerful because you are my sister…. The best gift by God to always keep me happy and keep me strong…. Happy Friendship Day 2023 to you.

15. To my sweetest sister who is not just my very first friend but also the most special friend…. Thank you for being there for me always…. Happy Friendship Day to you.

16. With a sister like you, who needs a friend!!! You have always been there for me, through all ups and downs…. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day my sweetheart!!!

Heart Touching Friendship Day Text Messages for Lover

17. You are the only one in this world with whom I can share my true feelings because you understand me beyond words…. Thanks for being my love and my friend. Happy Friendship Day.

18. I have found my soul mate and my secret box in you and with that equation I can never afford to lose you… Cheers to our beautiful association and best wishes on Friendship Day to you.

19. You are a lover when I need love, you are a friend when I am hurt….  You are playing the two most important roles in my life that give me strength…. Happy Friendship Day to you my love.

20. You are my lover for all 364 days but today you are just my friend who makes this world a real good place for me…. To the best lover and best friend, Happy Friendship Day.

21. You know my strengths because you are my lover and you know my weaknesses because you are my friend…. Thanks for being such an amazing combination….. Happy Friendship Day!!

22. I am double blessed because I have found love and friendship in the same person…. You are the one who makes my life complete….. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.

23. When love meets friendship, it turns out to be the most amazing combination and I am so happy I have that perfect package…. With love and hugs, wishing you Happy Friendship Day.

Funny Friendship Day Messages for Friends

24. You walked into my life when everyone else had walked out of it… You are truly a true friend to me… Happy Friendship Day.

25. The one who can read your heart through your eyes is the kind of friend you must never lose… Happy Friendship Day to the buddy who can read my every thought.

26. Having just one true friend is the biggest treasure… Your presence in my life is surely the best investment that I have ever made…. Cheers to us… Happy Friendship Day.

27. To the recipe called life, the most important ingredient is friends…. So make sure you make your recipe the best of all…. wishing you Happy Friendship Day.

28. Jo aapke bare mein sab kuch jaankar bhi aapse kare pyar, wahi hai aapki sachi dosti ka hakdar…. Wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day my dear friend.

29. True friends are like sound health. You only get to know their importance once you lose them… And I cannot afford to lose you…. Best wishes on Friendship Day 2023 to you.

Happy Friendship Day Whatsapp Status and Facebook Messages

30. Only you have the power to transform my sad face into a smiling one…. Love you dear friend.

31. It is just the magic of your love and affection which has the power to soothe my soul… Happy Friendship Day.

32. I can live without things I love but I cannot imagine my life without my friend.

33. Friends are like oxygen in your life. If you don’t have them, you will definitely die… Happy Friendship Day.

34. If you have a friend, you can never lose hope, happiness and joy…. Happy Friendship Day!!!

35. If you wish to have a good life, you just need one good friend… Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.

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