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Friends are for life, they say. Friendship is a relationship which lasts forever, as everyone gets one or the other friend at every point of life. The messages to friends can be sent through text messages or through beautiful cards for the friends. One can also send lovely friendship wishes through any social networking site. A message to friend not only depicts the friendship between the two persons but also shows the care, concern and respect has one for the other. Friendship can be there not only between friends but also among co workers, colleagues or a couple in love. Let us see some the sample of some of the cute friendship messages sent to different people.

Friendship Messages for Her

Friendship is the most precious and treasured relationship of all. One can share anything with friend, which cannot even be shared by siblings. Message for a friend can be sent through text messages to show the love for one another.

“From the day I met you, the beautiful connection we shared, I realize now that you are my best friend of all in life. I treasure our friendship more than anything else, my friend.”

Friendship Messages for Him

Friends celebrate every occasion, every moment is it the silliest of moments or the grand reason to celebrate. The friendship wishes can be sent through beautiful cards with gifts of his choice to show the love and care for him.

“You have been my supporter, a caring soul and the best of friend’s life can gift me ever. I send all the love in the world and wish our friendship remain the best of all every day.”

Friendship Messages for Girlfriend

The friendship wishes for girlfriend are sent to show the value of the friendship which gradually developed into love and then into a beautiful relationship. Even in a relationship, the friendship still remains as being there for each other any day.

“It was a sweet day when we met; our friendship grew and later blossomed into love. That day I knew I earned a true friend and a sweet lover in life.”

Friendship Messages for Christmas

Christmas is an occasion to celebrate by merry making, partying and feasting together with friends. Friends make Christmas more special by feasting and enjoying together. The friendship wishes for Christmas can be sent through beautiful cards with gifts or through text messages.

“Christmas is near, dear friend. Come let’s get together to welcome baby Jesus into the world and celebrate this spirit of joy with fervor.”

Friendship Messages to Best Friend

A best friend is one with whom one can share every secret, be it sweet or bitter and every moment in life. Best friends know each other from inside out and are there for each other in every second of life. The friendship wishes for the best friend can be sent through beautiful cards sent with gifts or through lovely text messages.

“My friends are few, my love is new. But the closest of all, is my best friend only you. I value our friendship as the best and will treasure it for decades into decades.”

Funny Friendship Messages

Make your friends happy with funny friendship messages. The wishes can be sent through texts with funny smileys and gifts for the friends. The humorous wishes would sure bring a hearty smile on the faces of the friends. Funny friendship messages can also be sent with funny gifts for the friends.

“To dear friend, our friendship started the day you punched me hard for just teasing you and it became strong enough to keep me from getting back at you. I wish it remains forever dear.”

Friendship Messages for a New Friend

New friendship is sweet, beautiful and cute, as new friends start knowing each other and discover each other likes and dislikes gradually, the moment is special, cute and beautiful in itself to enjoy. The wishes can be sent through text messages, beautiful cards or through social networking sites.

“Let our new friendship be the strongest of all, filled with moments of fun filled enjoyment and be it a friendship for life my new friend. I send loads of love for you, my friend.”

Friendship Messages for Coworkers

Co workers are friends too. Rather than sharing only office work and lunch, they are the ones with whom one spends time the most whole day. As such, they know much about each other. The wishes can be sent through text messages or cards.

“You are not only my co worker but also a friend for life and I am happy our friendship has grown up to me more deep and beautiful with time.”

Sample Miscellaneous friendship Wishes Messages:

“Friendship is the most special relationship and only fortunate ones are blessed with it…. Thank you for bringing good luck to me my dear…. Happy Friendship Day to you.”

“Cheers to our understanding, our frequency and our friendship…. You are the closest one to my heart because you connect with my soul and heart…. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day.”

“A look into your eyes is enough for me to know what’s going on inside your mind and heart…. With lots of love, I wish you Happy Friendship Day because there is no one like you.”

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