Beautiful Friendship Messages, Quotes for Coworkers

Friendship messages for coworkers

Co workers are people with whom one shares an office space. The co workers work together in the same organization. The friendship wishes for the co workers are sent through text messages for the co workers to express the friendship feelings for them. The wishes can also be sent along with gifts for the person. One can also send friendship wishes along with the friendship messages for the co workers. Some of the samples of friendship day messages for coworkers sent in different ways are given below:

Friendship Messages for Coworkers

Warm Happy Friendship messages for coworkers are a wonderful way of telling them how special they are. With the collection of Friendship Day quotes and Friendship Day messages, send your wishes to them.

“May the friendship that we share at office live for many years and we grow old together as friends. Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day to you.”

“Warm wishes on Friendship Day to my co-workers who have been my support and strength at work. Thanks for being there for me.”

“Happy Friendship Day to my coworkers who have the power to infuse me with positivity in negative times.”

“To all the projects we have completed together, to all the scolding we got from our boss…. We have definitely come a long way…. Happy Friendship Day to you.”

“Work got us together but our heart to heart connection is the reason which has always kept us bonded for all these years…. To our association, wishing Happy Friendship Day.”

“Days at office pass quick with you…. Assignments at work are more fun because of you…. Challenges are easier because of you…. Happy Friendship Day to you.”

“I send friendship invitation for the new coworker to start a friendship terms with you. I hope our friendship will go stronger and better during our work tenure together.”

“For my dear coworker, our friendship has benefitted me a lot in you covering up for my bunk in office sometimes. I am very thankful to you and would do the same favor for you when required.”

“Dear coworker, your friendship terms with me has been much the best relationship we have shared and I am very fortunate to have you as a good friend of mine. I hope you feel the same about our friendship.”

“This text messages contains lovely friendship wishes for my coworker whose friendship I have shared and love a lot. Your companionship and quality of being there for me always a friend is for what I am very thankful to you.”

Friendship Messages for Colleagues

The friendship day wishes for the colleagues are sent to the colleagues in office with whom one workers together. Colleagues are different from coworkers in the sense that they are much closer in terms with the concerned sender than coworkers. The wishes would make the colleague feel good and special.

“For my dearest colleague, I send you beautiful friendship wishes for you through this text message. I found a best and a close friend in you more than a colleague and our friendship has been the best ever since.”

Funny Friendship Messages for Coworkers

Funny friendship wishes for the coworkers are sent through text messages. The funny wishes are humorous and have funny tones in them. The messages may contain funny quotes for the coworkers to make them feel good. The wishes would bring a smile on the face of the coworker and make him or her feel good. The wishes can also be sent on the coworker’s birthday or on his or her farewell.

“For my coworker, I hope you have been benefiting from our best friendship as you get chance to cover up for my late reach at office. You have been a considerate friend to understand my problem my friend.”

Friendship Invitation Messages for Coworkers

The friendship invitation wishes are sent to the coworkers who have joined newly in office. The friendship invitation is sent through good text messages. When a new sweet coworker joins office, the friendship invitation messages are sent to her or him to make an attempt at starting friendship. The wishes can also be sent with gifts for the new coworker.

“For the new coworker, I send you friendship invitation wishes for starting a new friendship with you. I would wish our terms in office be not only as coworkers but also good friends for life.”

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