Funny Friendship Messages for Coworkers

Funny Friendship Messages for Coworkers

Funny friendship wishes for the coworkers are sent through text messages. The funny wishes are humorous and have funny tones in them. The messages may contain funny quotes for the coworkers to make them feel good. The wishes would bring a smile on the face of the coworker and make him or her feel good. The wishes can also be sent on the coworker’s birthday or on his or her farewell. Here are some of the best funny friendship day messages and friendship day wishes that you can express to your Coworkers.

Below are sample of funny friendship day messages that you can send to co workers.

Funny Friendship Messages for Coworkers

Make your colleagues laugh with funny friendship messages for coworkers. Wish them all with Friendship Day messages and Happy Friendship Day wishes that are drafted just for them.

“When the work is boring, you need to make friends with coworkers to make your life interesting. Happy Friendship Day.”

“Sometimes I wonder that whether the work is not that interesting or my co-workers are so dull that I feel so hopeless at office. Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day.”

“Life is always better when you have good co-workers so that you can enjoy every day at work. Happy Friendship Day to my coworkers.”

1). We are done with enough work and the day has arrived to just party and celebrate our bond of friendship… Wishing Happy Friendship Day to my best buddy at work.

2). You are the one who has made boring working hours interesting for me, you are the one who has helped me fight all tensions at work…. Happy Friendship Day to my wonderful friend.

3). We are not bonded because we work together…. We are bonded because we have a heart to heart connection against all the odds at work… Warm wishes on Friendship Day to you dear.

4). Let us flaunt our bond of friendship at work and make everyone jealous with our crazy and stupid stuff… Happy Friendship Day to my friend, my colleague.

5). None of my projects are complete without your support…. Thanks for standing with me through all my problems…. A very Happy Friendship Day to you.

6). Dear Co worker, our friendship has benefited me a lot as you always cover my late coming to the office. Thank you and hope I can do something in return for you.

7). I thank you for helping me in my work as I am not able to finish my project in time. Our friendship has benefited me a lot, I don’t know about you.

8). Dear Co worker, you have always covered up for me whenever I have bunked office for some time. You very well know the reason. I thank you for always being there for me.

9). Dear Co worker, I feel blessed to have you as my friend to whom I always give my difficulties and work. I hope you are getting something from me in return.

10). I am so sorry I forgot to inform your boss that you will be late for office. I know you will be upset as I always took advantage of our friendship.

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