Facebook Text Messages

Facebook Text Messages

Social networking site Facebook has millions of users who use the site for communication and getting in touch with each other. Facebook has nowadays become one of the popular networking sites used by many. Everyday millions of users send messages from the social networking site to friends and family as a means of communicating with each other. There are text messages and also video message options on Facebook which the user can use. The messages can be also sent from the Facebook messenger instead of the user logging in on the site. The messages sent are free of cost unlike text messages sent from mobile. Let us see some of the sample Facebook messages sent to different people:

Facebook Messages for Husband

Facebook is a good way of communicating with people whether staying near or far. With the help of the Facebook app, anyone can send a message to any person be it a wife sending messages to her husband.

“I am sending you this message through Facebook informing that I would be late for dinner due to an important client meeting in office.”

Facebook Messages for Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebration and merry making all around. During this festival many users on Facebook express their celebration and wishes by sending messages to their loved ones near and far.

“Have a merry Christmas friend. May this Christmas Lord Jesus bless you with all the prosperity, love and happiness in life.”

Facebook Messages for New Year

Social networking site Facebook gets filled up with messages and statuses on New Year when users send wishes for New Year through Facebook and express their joy.

“Have a marvelous new year everyone. May this New Year be filled with moments of joy and celebration all throughout the year and new opportunities are filled in your life.”

Facebook Messages for Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are an occasion to celebrate. As such, the husband and the wife send anniversary wishes and also updates on status about their anniversary to wish each other. In addition to that, the friends and family of the husband and the wife also wish them through Facebook by sending wishes.

“Have a  happy 5th wedding anniversary loving hubby. It’s been five years since we tied the knot and promised each other to care and love each other till eternity. May our love grow more and be fulfilling as our relationship is.”

Facebook Messages for Friends

Friends also connect through Facebook communicating through the networking site and also sending funny messages as well as celebratory to each other on occasions for wishing each other.

“Friend, on this friendship day I would like to thank you for being the best of friends and being there for me at all times. You have been special and one in a million. Have a happy friendship day.”

Facebook Messages for Father’s Day

Father’s day is a day of celebration of love and affection for the father. On this day, the children send gifts and father’s day wishes to their dad to appreciate them for their effort in bringing them up and also to express the love the children have for them. The wishes can be sent through social networking site Facebook with loving notes. The fathers would be happy that their children love them so much.

“Dear father, through Facebook I wish you a happy father’s day. I love you a lot and am thankful to Lord to have gifted me a special person like you in my life.”

Facebook Messages for Boyfriend

A boyfriend and a girlfriend in relationship also connect through Facebook in addition to sending wishes on their birthdays and anniversaries on the social networking site. Facebook has also been the meeting point of many couples in relationships.

“Love, I would like you to be ready by 8 pm for a beautiful surprise on the occasion of our anniversary. I will be taking you out for the best surprise you have had. Have a happy Anniversary.”

Facebook Status Messages on Office

Social networking site Facebook is not only a medium of sending messages and communicating but also is a place where users can update statuses of what they are doing, where they went and so on. Statuses let people know the mood of the user, what they might be doing and all.

“I had a marvelous day in office, first lunch followed by a team building rigorous session with leader and colleagues. A fantastic day went indeed.”

Facebook Messages to Non Friends

Non friends are those whom the user may have added as friends first time on Facebook and have never met earlier. These friends may be mutual friends or someone they want to know about and are communicating through Facebook.

“Hi, it is a pleasure to know about you and would also like to know about your likes and dislikes to strengthen our friendship bond more.”

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