Facebook Messages for Christmas

Facebook Messages for Christmas

Christmas is a festival of merry making and celebrating with friends and family. It is the day when baby Jesus was born and descended onto earth. Christians seek blessings of Jesus and pray Him for happiness and prosperity in life. On Christmas day, people go to church and pray and join mass gatherings. Later on, they feast together and make merry. People send Christmas greetings to one another through Facebook by sending wishes through chats or by uploading the wishes along with Christmas photographs on the social site. Following are some of the samples of Facebook messages for Christmas examples sent in different ways:

Facebook Status Messages for Christmas

People send Christmas wishes through their status wall on Facebook where they upload Christmas messages on the wall and wish friends that way. Some also upload beautiful Christmas photographs on Facebook along with the Christmas greetings on the status wall and tag friends for wishing them.

“May this Christmas celebration be one of the joyous and the best of all with lots of celebrative moments as we welcome Lord Jesus onto earth. I wish you a happy Christmas feast with your loved ones. Merry Christmas.”

Merry Christmas Messages for Facebook Friends

Facebook friends wish each other through the social networking site where Christmas wishes are sent through chats or are uploaded with photographs on the status wall. Friends wish merry Christmas and for a good Christmas feast and gather together for celebration together. The wishes can also be sent through text messages to Facebook friends. The free wishes would make the friends happy and feel special.

“I wish a merry Christmas to all my Facebook friends. I wish your Christmas celebration be a wonderful one with church prayers, feasting and merry making with each other.”

Christmas Greeting Card Messages for Facebook

Christmas greeting cards are sent to the friends and family on Christmas day to wish them for the beautiful festival. Christmas greeting card sweet messages are also sent through Facebook to friends and family when cards couldn’t be sent. These wishes are sent through cute chats or are uploaded on status bar in the Facebook site.

“I wish you and your family a merry Christmas. May the never ending joys and happiness fill up your life and shine it up with glory. I wish your Christmas celebration be a wonderful one with loved ones.”

Merry Christmas Facebook Messages

“May the sweeter magic of Christmas festival shine up your lives with prosperity and love always. Have a merry Christmas and celebrate with fervor.”

“I wish merry Christmas to all my friends on Facebook. Let this Christmas bring peace to the world and happiness in all our lives forever.”

“This Christmas let us all together welcome baby Jesus onto earth with love and pray for happiness in our lives always. I wish all a merry Christmas filled with joyful celebration.”

“Merry Christmas to all my Facebook friends. I wish you have a wonderful Christmas celebration and merry making with loved ones.”

“Celebrate this Christmas with wonderful feasting and merry making with friends and family. Pray to Lord Jesus for peace and prosperity into the world and lives of the people.”

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