Facebook Status Messages on Office

Facebook Status Messages on Office

Facebook is an site which is accessed by all of us nowadays. Even office goers post their views about their work or office on facebook. Such messages are written by employees in order to share about the views and their state of mind. The following are some sample facebook status messages on office.

1). When an employee goes out of the office during working hours, he is considered to be wasting his time. While if a boss goes out of the office then he is said to be on an official work.

2). I had a very wonderful day at office, meeting with the team members went smoothly. A very good day indeed.

3). In office, if I take longer time for completing my task, I am considered to be very slow and inefficient and if my boss takes longer time, it is said that he is very efficient in his work.

4). Office is a place to work, enjoy with colleagues and a place to expand your knowledge. I like going to the office, but I hate when I am required to work at night.

5). I make mistakes in the office because I am a human. But I don’t know why my boss doesn’t know this.

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