Facebook Messages for Boyfriend

Cute Facebook Message for Boyfriend

The Sweet Facebook messages for boyfriend are sent through social networking site Facebook through chats or by uploading in the status bar in the site. The sender can send love messages to express her love for the boyfriend or can also send personal wishes for the boyfriend through the social site. For the birthday of the boyfriend, one can upload a birthday photograph on the status wall and write the wishes there or can send in the chat box on the site. Some of the samples of Facebook messages for boyfriend examples sent in different ways are given below:

Facebook Messages for Boyfriend Birthday

The birthday of the boyfriend is celebrated beautifully by partying and gifting the boyfriend gifts of his choice. The boyfriend’s birthday is what one eagerly awaits for celebrating together to make it special for him. The birthday wishes for the boyfriend can be sent through text messages or through chats through Facebook. One can also upload the cute Facebook messages on the status bar of the boyfriend with photographs.

“On your birthday, my love, I send all my love and happiest birthday wishes for you. I wish your birthday celebration be merrier and a memorable one with cakes, presents and joyful moments.”

Facebook Love Messages for Boyfriend

The girlfriend can send love messages for the boyfriend through Facebook. She can express her love for him and upload her feelings through the status bar where she can also add a photograph of theirs along with the love wishes. That way the boyfriend would feel much happy, special and loved on receiving them at his Facebook status wall.

“My love, from the time we met until today, your presence has made my life more beautiful and you have given me a million reasons to cherish our relationship. I love you with all my heart and will do forever and ever.”

Facebook Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Ex boyfriend is someone with whom one was in a relationship earlier. The ex boyfriend can be on friendly terms now with the girl on Facebook where she can send cute Facebook messages for him. The girl can send good luck messages or life messages for the ex boyfriend. One can also send wishes through text messages.

“For my ex boyfriend, I hope you are a having a jolly time around and I would like to send my heartiest wishes for your good future through Facebook. I wish best of luck for your brighter career.”

Funny Facebook Messages for Boyfriend

Funny Facebook messages can be sent by uploading a funny status on Facebook or by uploading a funny photograph on the boyfriend’s status bar on the social site. The girlfriend can also send funny and sweet text messages or funny quotes through chats of Facebook or through text messages.

“My dearest love, I hope you have enough time to reach home today early since it is our anniversary or else be prepared to spend the night on the kennel. I won’t expect a late turn up on the special day.”

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