Facebook Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Facebook Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Ex boyfriend is someone with whom one was in a relationship earlier. The ex boyfriend can be on friendly terms now with the girl on Facebook where she can send cute Facebook messages for him. The girl can send good luck messages or life messages for the ex boyfriend. One can also send wishes through text messages.

Below are some of sweet and lovely facebook messages for ex boyfriend with sample.

1). For my ex boyfriend, It is good that we are not together anymore. I wish you all the best for your future life.

2). I hope you get a better girlfriend this time. Wish you happiness and good luck for your future.

3). I broke up with you and I want to move on in life and give this relationship a peaceful ending. Maybe our relationship was not meant to be.

4). I never wanted to call you my Ex. But as we are apart now, I have to. It pains my heart to say good bye to you. I will always remember the good times we shared.

5). It’s difficult for me to call you my ex. No matter what you did, I can never forget the days we spent together. Wish you a happy life for the future.

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