Funny Facebook Messages for Boyfriend

Funny Facebook Messages for Boyfriend

Funny Facebook messages can be sent by uploading a funny status on Facebook or by uploading a funny photograph on the boyfriend’s status bar on the social site. The girlfriend can also send funny and sweet text messages or funny quotes through chats of Facebook or through text messages.

Below are some of sample funny facebook messages for boyfriend.

1). I have sent you this message to remind you that your girlfriend is waiting for her birthday gift. I know you are online so you cannot say that you did not see the message.

2). For the past few days I am thinking of breaking up. Why are you upset. I am talking of breaking up my handset. Did you think I am going to break up with you.

3). You are such an immature and silly person. I don’t know why I fell in love with you. I am thinking of loving you more.

4). I send my love to you through this facebook message. Hopefully now you will think of taking me for a date.

5). Through this facebook message, I want you to know that I can no longer be friends with you now. Because you are more than a friend to me.

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