Funny Merry Christmas Messages for Friends

Funny Merry Christmas Messages for Friends

Funny Christmas wishes for friends are humorous wishes and are sent to bring a smile on the face of friends on Christmas spirits. The funny Christmas wishes are sent through text messages with funny smiley, through cards with funny characters and funny Christmas quotes. One can also send a funny Christmas wish video for the friend and send it through a DVD.

Some of the funny merry Christmas messages 2016 are given below.

1). Your friendship is the most precious gift that I got y ears ago… I thank you being such an amazing friend and my strength… Merry Christmas to you my dear.

2). The best present to give on Christmas is your time and I am excited to spend this Christmas with my best buddy…. Merry Christmas and I am looking forward for this holiday season.

3). I wish that God’s blessings shower you and your loved ones with eternal happiness and moments of joy… Wrapped with love, I am sending warm wishes. Merry Christmas my dear.

4). Christmas is not just for offering prayers and singing carols. Let us make Christmas 2016 all the more fun by messing around and getting drunk. Dear pal, let us rock this festive season. Wishing you Merry Christmas loaded with parties.

5). This is to inform you that Santa Claus has decided to take a leave on Xmas because you have been a good boy all year long. Wishing you a Merry Christmas without gifts as this year there will be no Santa.

6). Santa Claus knows whether you have been good or bad this year. So don’t expect him to bring gifts for you. Hope you have a Merry Christmas anyway.

7). Santa is not arriving at your place this year. He doesn’t have anything for you as he is giving me all your gifts. Sorry for this but anyways a merry Christmas to you.

8). This Christmas Santa Claus is not coming as he is busy losing his weight. So don’t be sad and enjoy this Christmas, my dear friend.

9). This year you were not behaving well. So Santa has wished that you become like him- Fat and happy. Merry Christmas.

10). I don’t have any gift for you this Christmas. So don’t expect as they will be late by a year. You will get your gifts by next Christmas. Merry Christmas.

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