Welcome Messages for Guests

Welcome Messages for Guests

A guest is welcomed into a home or any other accommodation place with warmth. The welcome wishes for the guests make him or her feel comfortable and well settled for the stay. The welcome wishes for the guests can be sent through cards with beautiful welcome quotes and pictures as well as through text messages to the guests. Sending the guests video clips with welcome wishes will also make the guest feel good and special. A good welcome will ensure the guest feel good during the stay, be it a long one or a short one. A cold welcome will however turn off the guest and make the stay unpleasant for him or her. Some of the samples of welcome messages for guests’ examples are given below:

Welcome Messages for Wedding Guests

Welcome wishes for the wedding guests are given when the guests enter a wedding venue. The welcome wishes makes the guests feel special and one can give the wishes through cards given at the entrance of the wedding venue. One can also send text messages for the guests once they enter the wedding venue.

“Dear guest, I welcome you all to the celebration of my daughter’s wedding. I hope you have a pleasant and a good celebration and are grateful for your blessings for my daughter and her fiancé.”

Welcome Messages for Hotel Guests

Hotel guests check in almost every day to stay in a particular place. A warm welcome by the hotel and good etiquette wishes by the hotel staff during the stay would surely ensure the guest would check in again at the hotel for stay next time. The welcome wishes for the hotel guest can be given through cards, text messages or through beautiful welcome wishes video clips.

“Dear guest, I welcome you to Hotel Continental and hope you enjoy a comfortable stay at our hotel. I am sure you will enjoy your stay here making use of the amenities for your ease.”

Funny Welcome Messages for Guests

Funny welcome wishes for the guests are humorous for bringing a smile on the face of the guests. The funny wishes can be sent through cards having funny quotes or through text messages with funny pictures. One can also send funny video clips to the guests to make them feel happier.

“For a better stay at my place, you are welcome to my home and to fix my basin with all the effort you can put on it. It would definitely make me a much happier man and you would be gifted well on your leave.”

Sample Miscellaneous welcome messages for guests:

“Dear guest, I welcome you to my hotel and hope you have a pleasant stay in my hotel.  I can ensure best hospitality from my staff at your ease and you would be showered with all the amenities you ask for.”

“Welcome to my home, dear guest. You are free to stay as long as you want so long as you fix my door and clean the mess of my room with all your effort. Have a comfortable stay.”

“Through this beautiful card, I welcome you guest to my wedding and am extremely grateful that you took out precious time to be thee by my side on this auspicious occasion.”

“On my wedding day, I welcome you to the wedding venue and an extremely happy with your presence by my side. I expect you to enjoy the celebration well.”

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