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Thank you Messages Example

A thank you message is sent to express gratitude to a person who may have extended any sort of help or have been there when one needs that person the most. The thank you messages are sent to show the gratitude to a particular person. Thank you messages can be sent through text messages, through cards or through social networking sites. A thank you message lets the person know that he is cared and is of concern to the sender. Let us see some of the sample examples of cute thank you message sent to different people:

Thank You Messages for Friends

Friends are always there in times of need. Be it accompanying for some urgent work, be it financial help or any other issue, friends are always there for one another. as such, a thank you wish for the friend will not only make him happy but also make his day brighter. The wishes can be sent through beautiful cards for the friends along with beautiful gifts.

“Thank you friend for being there when you help was needed the most. I appreciate your help and you will find me with all the help whenever you need me. You are indeed a gem of a friend.”

Thank You Messages for Employees

Employees help an organization during crisis or during any other occasion when their help is needed the most. A thank you wish for such employees goes a long way to make the employee feel good about the company as well for the fact that his help is appreciated. The thank you wishes can be sent through text messages or cards for the employees.

“Thank you all for helping us in making this event a better one and a successful one. It would not have been possible to even start without your help and support.”

Thank You Messages for Birthday

Thanking people on birthday wishes is a custom for all. Be it after receiving birthday wishes or receiving birthday gifts, a thank you wish is customary as well as a polite courtesy for anyone. It makes the receiver feel good and card about. The thank you wishes can be sent through beautiful cards for the guests.

“Thanking you all friends and family for sending me lovely wishes on my birthday. It really means lot to me and makes me feel more special.”

Thank You Messages for Baby Shower

Baby shower is an occasion many people attend to. Many friends and family members from near and far come to attend the baby shower and make the occasion much special. As such, thanking them for being there at the special occasion is a must for the person. The thank you wishes can be sent through cards or text messages to the guests.

“Thank you all for arriving at my baby shower and offering your blessings and love to us. I am much grateful for your presence at this special occasion of my life and I extend my thankful wishes from the core of my heart.”

Thank you Messages for Family and Friends

Express your thankfulness to your family and friends for gifts and for attending any occasion of yours. The thank you wishes can be sent through texts with gifts to show your appreciation and thankfulness. The wishes would make the family and friends cared for and special. Family and friends often expect thankful wishes when they shower gifts to their loved ones.

“Dear family and friends, I thank you for attending my baby shower ceremony. I am much happy that you all were there to bless me and the baby with love.”

Thank You Messages for Teachers

Teachers are special mentor and guide for any student as he or she puts in much effort to take care of the students and shape their future for the better. Thanking teachers for their guidance and support shows not only the respect for them but also makes them feel special and card for. The wishes can be sent through beautiful cards.

“Thank you teacher, for being my guiding star, helping me with my studies and also guiding me through the right path in life. You have been much special and a good teacher whom I can always look up to.”

Thank You Messages for Gifts

Gifts are accompanied by thank you wishes as a custom from time immemorial. It is a courtesy to show gratitude for the person who has effortlessly brought the gift out of concern to the host. The thank you wishes for gifts can be sent through cards along with beautiful mementos.

“Thanks a lot for the special gift you have brought for me. I feel extremely grateful and special for the beautiful gift you bestowed upon me.”

Thank You Messages for Customers

Customers regularly make purchases in stores be it during sales or without sales. It is by dint of their purchase that the store earns profit and businesses. As such, thanking those makes them feel good and make them wanting to be back at the store again.

“Thank you for purchasing the beautiful item and extending helping hand in contributing to donate the purchase amount to the needy. Your kind act is much appreciated and I extend my heartfelt thanking wishes to you.”

Thank You Messages for Wedding

Thanking people through text messages for arriving at the wedding and spending time shows that he or she is cared for. The person who comes to the wedding takes out precious time and effort to be there at the wedding and as such thanking wishes are appreciated.

“Thank you for making it to the wedding. I was indeed looking forward to your visit. You presence is highly regarded and appreciated and I feel more special with you being beside me.”

Thank You Messages to Boss

Thanking boss for the boss can be sent through cards or emails. It is sent for the extra help and support with the work by the boss or for the bonus or raise which is much special and important for the employee.

“Thank you a lot dear boss for the promotion. I highly appreciate it from the deepest of my heart and thank you with all my regards. You have been an example of excellence in work.”

Thank You Messages for Funeral

Attending a funeral makes the grieved person feel loved and his or her sadness is lessened with much care shown. It also shows the respect and love for the deceased person. The thank you wishes can be sent through cards or text messages.

“Thanking you all for being there at the funeral and showing your respect and love for my father. I am deeply humbled and grateful for your presence in the funeral and the support you provided us in this hard time. “

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