Welcome Messages for Friends

Welcome Messages for Friends

Friends are an important part and parcel of one’s life. The welcome wishes for a friend shows the cordial nature of the sender and makes the friend feel he is cared for and loved. The welcome wishes for the friend can be sent to welcome him or her on any occasion or for welcoming the friend to the home. Sending text messages or beautiful cards with welcome wishes and also sending gifts to the friend along with it are a good way of sending welcome wishes to he friends. One can also create a welcome wishes video clip for the friend and send it on a DVD.  Some of samples of welcome messages for friends are given below:

Welcome Home Messages for Friend

Friendship is a bond everyone treasures and celebrates well with friends. The welcome hoe wishes for the friend are sent to person who comes home after a long period of time. The welcome home wishes can be sent through beautiful cards for the friend.

“Dear friend, through this beautiful card I welcome you home after a long period of time and hope to see more of you now as you bask in the glory of your beautiful home.”

Welcome Messages for New Friends

A new friendship is fruitful and special as new friends are busy discovering each others likes and dislikes and more about each other as new friends. The welcome wishes for a new friend can be sent to welcome the friend to a group or an association where the other friend may be together.

“Welcome to our joyful group, new friend. We hope you have a long term strong association with us and our group and you avail the benefits of the group membership well.”

Welcome Message for old friends

Old friends, when they meet after a long time celebrates their friendship well. An old friend has a special place in one’s heart and is always the closer one to the heart. The welcome wishes for old friends can be sent through text messages or cards for the old friends.

“Welcome back dear old friend. I wish we revive our friendship bond better and share more beautiful moments together like before.”

Welcome message for Facebook friends

Facebook friends are those friends who become friends through social networking site Facebook. The welcome wishes for Facebook friends can be sent through text message sayings on social networking sites or through mobile text messages. One can also send cards or welcome wishes video clips on DVD to the friends.

“To my lovely Facebook friend, through this messages I welcome you to the social networking giant Facebook and look forward to a beautiful friendship with you.”

Sample Miscellaneous welcome messages to friends:

“To my new friend, I welcome you to a beautiful friendship relation with us and look forward to a long term association with us. I wish we share loads of beautiful moments to be cherished forever.”

“Welcome home my friend. I wish you enjoy the warmth and love of your home and look forward to see more of you in coming years.”

“To my old friend, welcome to my home after so long as I eagerly look forward to a beautiful association with cherished moments to remember forever. “

“Welcome to Facebook, dear friend. I hope you enjoy the benefits of the social networking site and enjoy the best and beautiful friendship relationship with me.”

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