Welcome Messages for New Friends

Welcome Messages for New Friends

A new friendship is fruitful and special as new friends are busy discovering each others likes and dislikes and more about each other as new friends. The welcome wishes for a new friend can be sent to welcome the friend to a group or an association where the other friend may be together.

Find samples of welcome messages listed below for the new friends to cherish and give regards to the fresh friendship:

1). Welcome new friend to our group of close buddies. We hope you would love the companionship of all and share a good rapport with us forever.

2). Welcoming the new friend to the locality around. I look forward to you sharing good memories together in this lovely background we all live in.

3). Welcome wishes for the new friend in town. I hope you would love the new environment and would surely accompany you to the tourist places around.

4). I welcome the lovely new friend to the new neighbourhood. The locality has a beautiful park across the street and I would look forward to seeing you there for playtime.

5). We welcome the new friend in the block with love. Do arrive for the introductory session tomorrow where you would get to know other fellow mates well.

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