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Teachers Day Funny Wishes - Teachers Day Funny Jokes, Messages 2018

5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. It is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the former Vice President of India, a great teacher, a diplomat, a scholar. This day honours all the teachers because they not only teach us but also guide us to become better humans. Wish your mentors and guides on this day with funny Happy Teacher’s Day messages. Send Happy Teachers Day greeting cards to them to tell them what they mean to you. Teacher’s Day messages for kids with a hint of humour make them the best wishes.

We have a collection of funny Happy Teacher’s Day wishes. Best of Teacher’s Day messages to teachers to send on Facebook, WhatsApp to wish them in a special way.

Funny Jokes on Teachers Day

1. Teacher asked students that if they have two choices, what will they choose, money or brains. One student said money. Surprisingly teacher said that she would have chosen brains. The smart student replies that we choose what we don’t have.

2. Teacher: James, you know why you cannot sleep in my class.
James: I know. I can if you can please talk a little slow.

3. Student: Ma’am, I don’t think I deserve a zero in this test
Teacher: Yes I know, but that’s the lowest I can give you.

4. Mother asked her child about his first day at the school. The child replied, “ Not enough, I will have to go back tomorrow.”

5. Student: Will you punish me for something that I didn’t do?
Teacher: Of course not.
Student: Then I want to tell you that I did not do my homework.

6. Today is Teacher’s Day…. It is time to give your wife a rose and wish her on this day because there is no one else who gives you more lectures than her.

7. Two most common and truly inspirational lines used by all the teachers:
Is this a fish market?
Please maintain pin drop silence class.

8. What do you call that teacher who has no students…..??? Apparently, we call him a teacher only!!!

Funny Teachers Day Messages and Wishes from Parents

9. A BMW cannot take you where a diploma can take you…… Salute to the teachers for making our children bright and successful individuals…… Happy Teacher’s Day.

10. A teacher’s job is the toughest…. He is given a web of wires and he has to make sure that they are rightly grounded….. Best wishes to the best mentor for our kids on Teacher’s Day.

11. Being a teacher is not a regular nine to five job….. It is building a relationship while doing the job of creating a personality…… Wishing you a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

12. Teacher is a person who has the magic to make feel everybody like somebody….. Hats off to the inspiring teacher…… Happy Teacher’s Day.

13. Salute to all the teachers who everyday give away pencils knowing that they are never going to get them back…… Best wishes on Teacher’s Day to one such teacher.

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